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  • 1). Company E-Mails – Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!  By : John Rico
    It’s estimated that in an office of 30 employees who are all hooked up to the Internet an average of 2,500 e-mails a day shoot back and forth. With that much “communication” going on, it’s easy to imagine that there’s plenty of opportunity for miscommunication. Recently an HR manager at a financial firm was copied on an e-mail regarding the pronunciation of another employee’s name.
    Article Related to: company, e-mails, say, what, you, mean, mean, what, you, say

  • 4). Risks That A Flooded Basement Poses For You  By : Wendi Watson
    Wondering what are the risks that your flooded basement may pose? There are not one but actually many such risks associated with flooded basement. We will take you through some of the major risks that flooded basements have and would prove that the best thing one can do is try and solve the problem as soon as possible.
    Article Related to: risks, that, a, flooded, basement, poses, for, you

  • 13). Employee Rewards – A Simple Thank You  By : Lisa Cieslica
    Written by Phoenix Human Resources Outsourcing Professionals Companies struggle with ways to keep the workforce motivated and productive. Properly rewarding employees is a fine line between a gloomy workplace and overkill. The struggle comes when employers search for the best way to reward an employee. Pay, Benefits, Perks, just to name a few of the options kicked around by managers when working to determine employee rewards.
    Article Related to: employee, rewards, a, simple, thank, you, phoenix, human, resources, outsourcing

  • 18). Wicked Tickets Are Sure To Bring You Back  By : Jay Nault
    If you purchase Wicked tickets, you’re probably in for a bit of déjà vu. You’ll swear you know the story, but it’ll all seem new to you for some reason. The characters will be familiar, but the plot will be original. Regardless, millions of thespians around the world have lined up to see this play, and the story is an adaptation from a timeless film classic.
    Article Related to: wicked, tickets, are, sure, to, bring, you, back, theater

  • 21). What Document Freeze Drying Can Do For You  By : Wendi Watson
    Document freeze drying can do any number of things for you. It can restore documents that have been fire damaged, water damaged, and can remove contaminants and even smoke smell and soot. You can have important documents such as birth certificates, legal paperwork, passports, and even books restored and protected. And who can forget photographs - those wonderful pieces of memory frozen in time?
    Article Related to: what, document, freeze, drying, can, do, for, you

  • 23). No Call List Complaints - Are You Covered On Purchased Leads?  By : Pat Stevens
    If you’re an insurance agent buying leads from a company, you should ensure you’re purchasing names and numbers from a company that protects you if you’re sold and call the number of someone whose telephone is registered with the National Do Not Call Registry. Starting on January 1, 2005, people who register their phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry may not be called by telemarketers and certain other businesses 31 days after the listing of the phone number.
    Article Related to: no, call, list, complaints, are, you, covered, on, purchased, leads

  • 24). The Malware Pandemic And What Spyware Removal Can Do For You  By : Katerina Mitrou
    Everyone has dealt with annoying computer problems at one time or another – from spyware to adware and everything in between - so how can you avoid these predicaments, and what is the best way to eradicate all types of malware and approach the process of spyware removal? How do you deal with something that seems to be taking over the online world and bogging down your enjoyment and use of the Internet? First, before you can successfully deal with malware, you must know your enemy.
    Article Related to: the, malware, pandemic, and, what, spyware, removal, can, do, for, you


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