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Wood Top Related Articles

  • 5). Native American Indian Art Wood Carvings of the Pacific Northwest  By : Clint Leung
    Native American Indian art in the American southwest is dominated by the magnificent pottery and jewelry in the region. When it comes to the Pacific Northwest region which covers the states of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) and the southern part of Alaska, the Native American art here is mostly wood carvings. This is not surprising since unlike the southwest desert, the Pacific Northwest is abundant with forests which have provided the wood as raw material for the region’s Native American Indian art.
    Article Related to: native, american, indian, pacific, northwest, art, wood, carvings, masks

  • 10). Choosing the Best Wood for Carving  By : Mitch Johnson
    Wood like any others materials has come up in so many types. But we need to know their characteristic so we know how to use them for the wood carving. As each of the woods has different texture and color, we will need some guidance on which woods that we have to use for our purpose. In this article we will learn some tips of woods which we can use.
    Article Related to: wood, wood carving, carv

  • 15). Wood Pellet Stoves - The future is heating up  By : Richard Banks
    If you are tired of hauling and splitting loads of cordwood, storing it and then carrying it again into the home, but still desire the ambience and radiance of a wood burning stove, then it may be time to check out the benefits of a wood pellet stove. Although on a direct cost comparison basis, the pellet fuel works out more expensive, it does come ready to use, and the wood pellet stove takes considerably less effort to operate and clean.
    Article Related to: fireplace, heating, fire, wood, burning, pellet

  • 16). Laminate Flooring is easy to install  By : john
    Most people who buy laminate flooring do so because they want hard flooring, but can’t afford wood. But how does laminate flooring compare to wood? Is it a good alternative, or a case of ‘you get what you pay for’? Well, that depends on what’s important to you. The biggest advantage of laminate flooring, apart from its attractive price point, is that it is so easy to install: you can do it yourself, quite easily, which is far from the case with wood flooring.
    Article Related to: laminate, flooring, wood

  • 21). Fireplace Design - A real burning issue.  By : Richard Banks
    Mantlepiece and grate styles have altered but the basic structural elements of a fireplace have not radically changed for hundreds of years. The early combination of a large stone or brick opening with a chimney built over it evolved from the obvious fact that smoke rises, rather than from a scientific understanding of how a well-designed flue system works.
    Article Related to: fireplace, stove, fire, wood, burning

  • 22). Laminate flooring can be a winner  By : john
    Like all materials, laminate flooring is by no means the answer in every situation. There are some things; however that it is really very well suited for, to the point that it is without a doubt the best material to use. This article will point out what some of those situations are, and why laminate flooring is such a winner for them. Firstly, one of the best things about laminate flooring is how hard-wearing it is – it can be walked on by loads of people every day for years, and yet it will just keep on lasting.
    Article Related to: laminate, flooring, wood


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