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Webmaster Top Related Articles

  • 7). How to Make Money with an Affiliate Program  By : Sandra Stammberger
    If you are a regular user of the internet you will no doubt be familiar with adverts bombarding you and popping up telling you how you can make money with affiliate programs and unless you’re in on the secret, not that it is much of a secret anymore, you’ll be wondering how you do indeed make money with affiliate programs. It sounds so easy and very tempting, and it will have at least crossed your mind that you’d like to be part of this apparent get rich-quick-scheme, and make money with affiliate programs.
    Article Related to: web development, make money, internet marketing, webmaster

  • 9). Publishing A Newsletter  By : David Risley
    Today, many websites offer a free newsletter. Newsletters, from the receiving end, can be a great source for information that is delivered to your in-box. You can simply save the newsletter for future reference, something many people do. From the publisher's standpoint, though, a newsletter is a fantastic idea as it gives you a database of people who are interested in what you have to offer.
    Article Related to: publish, newsletter, webmaster, promote, traffic, website

  • 10). How To Block Direct Image Linking Using .htaccess  By : Danny Wirken
    Most of us have a specified limit to the amount of traffic our web servers will handle for us. That limit seems very generous – until you start looking at image downloads and the bandwidth required. A few dozen users downloading an image – that's one thing. But what if you have an image that dozens of other websites like? Worst-case scenario: suppose you run a site that gets hold of a picture taken by an Iraqi soldier of an incident that gains a lot of media attention.
    Article Related to: internet, seo, software development, webmaster

  • 11). My affiliate experience  By : Krash
    I dont claim to know everything about using affiliates but what I do know might help. This article is written for that one reason. Hopefully you can find something of use. Let me start off with some things not to do from experience: 1. Do not place mass quantities of banners on the main page of your site. For the most part surfers do not pay attention to banner ads.
    Article Related to: affiliate, affiliates, affiliate programs, webmaster, webmasters

  • 15). How to Make Visitors Add You to Their Favorites  By : Peter Lopez
    If you want your visitors to come back again and again, you've got to get them to add your website to their favorites (also known as bookmarks in some browsers). That's the menu where they can save websites that they want to use again, clicking them easily to get to them. Being added to a user's favorites is like getting an ad for your website right there in their browser's menu, for nothing.
    Article Related to: webmaster, website, promotion, website design

  • 18). 10 Tips For Web Success  By : David Risley
    The webmaster's biggest job is to get their traffic up and keep customers/visitors coming back. Building the site is one thing, but simply building and posting a website does not guarantee traffic. In fact, a website could be beautiful and an example of all the latest technology and still not attract a single visitor if not promoted correctly. Here are 10 tips to guide you to success with your website.
    Article Related to: web, success, internet, webmaster, money, making

  • 22). Google, Updates, Upgrades, Penalties And Filters  By : J Fox
    My site dropped from no.1 spot to nowhere. Google tech people replied to my email telling me I must have hidden text or used some kind of 'illegal technique'! Why don't they just admit it's their mistake? Standard reply It's a standard reply, nothing else. I would imagine that 9 times out of ten when Google get an email about a site that has dropped into oblivion it has something to do with using techniques that go against their webmaster guidelines.
    Article Related to: google, update, big daddy, upgrade, webmaster, ranking, placement, search, engine, serps


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