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Web Copy Top Related Articles

  • 3). Writing Benefit-Driven Web Copy Ė 4 Steps to More Sales  By : Glenn Murray
    You've identified the benefits you offer your customers, but how do you turn a list of benefits into engaging web copy which converts visitors into customers? Recently I wrote an article explaining how to identify the benefits you offer your customers ( That article challenged business owners and marketing managers to think in terms of benefits rather than features when writing their web copy.
    Article Related to: web copy

  • 8). Essential features that make your advertisement successful  By : Peter Finers
    Since times immemorial, advertisers, salesman and traders have been trying to induce the public to purchase their products. They tried to write convincing and inspiring texts, to advertise their companies and promote themselves as true, reliable professionals. Advertisement market has been developed and established in order to satisfy the desires of promotion.
    Article Related to: seo copywriting, web copy, content

  • 10). Web Copy Ė How Much is Enough?  By : Glenn Murray
    These days, thereís widespread acceptance that a website is an integral part of the marketing plan of any business. Likewise, itís commonly accepted that web copy is a vital component of any website. But how much web copy is enough? The pure volume of information available on the Internet is daunting Ė often counterproductive. There are approximately 550 billion documents on the web, and every day another 7 million are added.
    Article Related to: web copy, copywriting

  • 11). Who says you have to say everything?  By : John Beavis
    Copyright 2006 John Beavis Just finished a really nice job for a new client. I loved it! He was lukewarm. Yet it was a billion times better than his own attempt at copywriting (not conceit, just plain fact). So I asked him, what was" wrong" with it? His answer? It isn't long enough! We're talking about 3000 words here. That's 10 solid pages of tightly packed copy, at single line spacing.
    Article Related to: copywriting, web copy, copywriter, copy, writer, words, killer copy


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