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Vehicle Top Related Articles

  • 5). The Blue Book Of Used Cars  By : Gregory Ashton
    If you are planning to sell your used car to a vehicle dealer, you should be aware of the basic process in determining the worth of your car. This would ensure you would not be scammed and taken for granted by car dealer experts. * What is the Blue Book value? The Blue Book value is a basic term used in the car-buying business. It means the worth or cost of a vehicle.
    Article Related to: car, auto, automobile, vehicle

  • 9). Tire Maintenance Critical To Keep Your Car Rolling Smoothly  By : Aurel Radulescu
    By properly maintaining your tires, you could potentially be avoiding uneven wear, poor performance and possibly even a blowout. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire failures or blowouts are believed to contribute to over 400 deaths and 10,000 injuries in the United States every year. Even with those figures being made public, the surprising factor is that statistics have shown some drivers still fail to follow the basic tire maintenance guidelines that could help to prevent such occurrences.
    Article Related to: car, cars, used, value, tire, tires, maintenance, vehicle, vehicles, auto, automotive

  • 12). Solar: Will It Ever Power Our Vehicles  By : Rick Solare
    As solar power has matured as a technology, companies have started applying it to more than just houses. Acting as an energy platform for our transport was an obvious application. Solar: Will It Ever Power Our Vehicles As an active technology, one of the first uses for solar power was on NASA spacecraft. Although not used for propelling the crafts, interested parties immediately started thinking about using solar power for getting us around in our daily lives.
    Article Related to: solar, power, energy, sunlight, vehicle, technology, solar power, solar energy

  • 13). Preparing Your Car For Warm Weather Driving  By : Aurel Radulescu
    Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, everyone will be anxious to take road trips, scenic drives and just cruise around in the warmth glow of the sun. With that being said, if you fail to prepare your car for the warm weather, you may end up foregoing your nice summer drive for a day filled with car repairs. The best way to avoid this is to get your car ready for driving in warm weather and to help you do that, this article is geared toward providing you with tips to make sure that your summer is one filled with sunny days.
    Article Related to: car, cars, auto, autos, automotive, vehicle, vehicles, accessories, tire, tires

  • 14). Do Not Buy Flood Damaged Cars  By : Gregory Ashton
    There are many flood damaged cars being sold on the market. Usually, flood damaged cars, SUVs and trucks are placed in salvage yards. Some though, are made spick and span and put into the car market and they will be up for sale. But the problem is, there really are no tell tale signs of flood damage that would give them away. This is because the cars will be restored so they would look almost like new.
    Article Related to: car, auto, automobile, vehicle

  • 16). Luxury Vehicles: The Amphibious Hydra Spyder  By : James Rothaar
    With new products and technology being unveiled daily, I know that a recantation of my upcoming assertion is likely to be forthcoming. We really cannot walk on water! However, thanks to the Cool Amphibious Manufacturers Incorporated (C.A.M.I.), driving across it is not a problem as long as the depth of water is around four feet. So far C.A.M.I. has produced several large unsinkable vehicles, which are Terra Wind and Ford Explorer variants, along with its small and sporty Hydra Spyder.
    Article Related to: automobile, luxury auto, luxury car, sports car, amphibious car, vehicle, luxury vehicle

  • 17). When Buying Used Car Is Not A Good Idea  By : Gregory Ashton
    Looking for the cheapest car through buying used cars is a smart practice. However, when the buyer is truly saving and is on a tight budget, buying a used car should not be immediately decided upon and should take a lot of deliberation. This is to avoid throwing away your hard-earned money. Therefore, for people who already know something about buying used cars but wish to know when not to buy them, here are some pointers that may help people in their decision-making: 1.
    Article Related to: car, auto, automobile, vehicle

  • 18). Take The Extra Mile: Fuel Efficiency Tips  By : Gregory Ashton
    Increases in the price of gas, accompany the increase in the number of fuel-saving scams. Continuous increase in the price of gas is common news nowadays. This is accompanied by an upsurge in advertising exposures for “gas saving” gadgets. These products attract potential buyers searching for methods to maximize fuel efficiency. There are important procedures car owners can take in consideration to improve gas mileage.
    Article Related to: car, auto, automobile, vehicle

  • 22). How To Buy Your Dream Car And Avoid Car Dealers' Dirty Tricks  By : Amit
    How to buy a new Car Buying a car is usually our second biggest investment after our home purchase and most of us will do it more than once in our life. There is something emotional about cars, it represents our taste and style, our economic status and our character. Some women even claim that a car is a man’s extension of his reproductive organ. One the other hand (the good hand) there are women out there that might express their exhibitionism and extravagance by choosing to drive a red flashy car for the whole world to notice them.
    Article Related to: car, a car, cars, automobile, vehicle, motor vehicle, trucks, sedan, automotive

  • 23). When Buying A Used Car From Its Owner, Beware Of The Owner Bearing Offers!  By : Gregory Ashton
    Getting started with used cars does not require a mortgage or a student loan, but it is not free either. Buying used cars costs money. That is why it is extremely important to know all the possible factors that might lead the buyer into buying a used car that is suspect. In reality, it is easy for the buyer to get carried away by convincing sales pitches, special offers, fantastic deals, magnificent bundles, freebies, and the like.
    Article Related to: car, auto, automobile, vehicle

  • 24). Getting Tint for Your Vehicle  By : Mark Robinson
    Window tint is one of the design elements that you can use for your vehicle. With window tint, you will be able to give some sparkle to the windows of your vehicle. There are many different types of tint out there and you will certainly find a tint shade that will make your vehicle look more stunning and beautiful.
    Article Related to: tint, vehicle

  • 25). Top 9 Used Car Salesmen Tricks, and How to Avoid Them  By : Don
    One of the biggest moments in many people’s lives is driving off in their brand-spanking-new automobile. It’s an exhilarating feeling. It’s also a big moment because in that very instant, that brand-spanking-new car loses a big chunk of its value—the difference between the retail price you paid and the car’s wholesale value. That’s typically thousands gone in an instant.
    Article Related to: car, vehicle, automobile, salesman, used car, truck


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