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  • 3). The Popsicle - A Brief Overview  By : Scott Byers
    The Popsicle, referring to a frozen treat made of ice and flavoring on a stick, is the common name in the United States and Canada. If you were in England or other British territories, you would ask for an Ice-lolly. In Australia, it is referred to the icy pole when ordered. The first Popsicle was created in 1905 by accident. Frank Epperson, 11 years old at the time, left a glass of soda powder and water outside with a mixing stick in it.
    Article Related to: ice cream, popsicle, food, treat, summer, candy

  • 7). How to Treat an Allergy-Triggered Cough  By : Lorraine Weston
    It’s springtime; the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming…and you’re stuck inside, coughing and sneezing and hiding from the substances that trigger your allergic reactions. Having a cough or cold is bad at any times – having cold-type symptoms every year at the same times is even worse. There are various ways to treat an allergy cough and help you get back to enjoying life outdoors.
    Article Related to: allergy, triggered, cough, treat, lungs, medication, pollen

  • 10). The Banana Split - An Overview  By : Scott Byers
    I scream, you scream, for ice cream, banana split please. The banana split is a dessert that is comprised of ice cream and yummy topings. When it is in its orginal form it is served as a boat; named because it is in a long dish. Some times it is placed in a cup and its layers vary. A classic boat begins with a banana cut in half, legnthwise and laid in a dish.
    Article Related to: ice cream, banana, split, summer, food, treat


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