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Trauma Top Related Articles

  • 7). The Truth About Birth Trauma Every Mother Should Know  By : Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.
    Most people take birth trauma for granted, thinking it means the unavoidably compressive, difficult journey through the birth canal that we all wish could be easier. What is not generally known is that the pressures of birth and the interactions required of mother and child for delivery are fundamental to health. The development of the baby’s cranium is supported by the effort required for birth, and the newborn arrives with knowledge of what it means to partner with mom to win the race in the celebration of life.
    Article Related to: shock, trauma, birth, mothering, childbirth

  • 10). Insomnia Through Trauma?  By : Codi Morieta
    Many people are suffering insomnia directly from trauma. Since the September 11 ordeal, millions of people each day are finding it difficult to rest. Some are trapped in the 2000 ordeal and are having difficulty leaving the past behind, while others are direct victims of the attack and suffering insomnia while they fight to control their painful thoughts.
    Article Related to: insomnia, trauma

  • 12). Share your Grief  By : gene torrey
    Everyone gets to experience a moment of grief, loss and sadness at some point in their lifetime. Grief is something that follows a loss. Grief can take many forms: it can initially settle in as numbness and later evolve to become a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, sense of being lost, frustration nd desperation. Losing a child causes grief that can be very painful.
    Article Related to: bereavement, grief, counseling, recovery, death, trauma, emotions, support, loss

  • 13). How to Heal the Emotional Scars of Scary Moments  By : Gloria Arenson
    Although it looks as if you have gotten over the time you had your tonsils removed when you were a child or endured a recent root canal, these kinds of experiences may have left you with unhealed emotional wounds. Diagnosis Trauma happens the moment the doctor tells you what is wrong with you. We are all carrying memories of these moments. As they build up, they create stress and anxiety.
    Article Related to: diagnosis, trauma, eft, therapy, upsets


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