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  • 9). How To Remove Lobster From The Shell  By : Noraini Maskuri
    Lobster is an an all-time favourite seafood with most people, and many dishes using lobsters require that the flesh be removed from the shell. Here are some handy tips when you prepare a lobster dish at home. A preliminary way to prepare a lobster, which should be alive, is to grasp it firmly by the back, plunge it quickly, head first, into a kettle of rapidly boiling water, and then submerge the rest of the body.
    Article Related to: cooking, recipes, tips

  • 17). How to Write a Short Story  By : Rachelle Arlin Credo
    Everybody knows writing a story is not easy. Like the drama or the poem, it is imaginative literature that should appeal to the emotions of the readers. Since it communicates the writer's interpretation of reality, there must be an artistic use of language to signify human experience. But how do we write a great short story? What are the things to keep in mind in order to come up with a short story that works? Here's a quick guide to get you started: 1.
    Article Related to: tips, short story, storywriting

  • 23). How To Approach College Women  By : CollegeDatingGuide Staff
    College life is very different when you were in high school however to some students, especially those who do not have a family member who has been to college, think that college is much like high school. But there are some very big differences. There are students who did not do well in high school, “blossom” in college. Others never get used to college life and do not do as well as they did in high school.
    Article Related to: college, dating, relationships, advice, tips


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