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Temperature Top Related Articles

  • 19). What Is Fever?  By : Jerry Hall
    Fever is a natural response of the body that helps in fighting off foreign substances, such as microorganisms, toxins, etc. Body temperature is set by the thermoregulatory center, located in an area in the brain called hypothalamus. Body temperature is not constant all day, but actually is lowest at 6 A.M. and highest around 4-6 P.M. In addition, temperature varies in different regions of the body; for example, rectal and urine temperatures are about one degree Fahrenheit higher than oral temperature and rectal temperature is higher than urine.
    Article Related to: fever, sick, body temperature, temperature, child fever, fever treatment, fever remedy, fevers, chill, chills

  • 20). How To Get Your Car's Engine To Temperature  By : Arthur Jacobsen
    One of the most common mistakes made by a lot of people is to put a lot of stress on a cold engine. It's always best to leave the car running for about a minute or so, before applying some throttle. Don't let your engine run to optimum temperature, DRIVE your car to get on temperature. If you start the engine on a cold winter day and wait inside your house for it to warm up, the gearbox and drivetrain is still untouched and cold.
    Article Related to: auto, car, engine, temperature, heat

  • 23). Digital Photography: White Balance Demystified  By : Jennifer Clarkson
    The term “white balance” originates from the world of video imaging where a device (waveform monitor) was used to match or “balance” the signals from the camera’s red, green, and blue channels to make accurate whites under various lighting conditions, thus balancing your white. In this article, we’ll use “white balance” for digital cameras in a similar sense: the process of measuring your light source’s colour temperature accurately, based on your lighting conditions, and using that information to correctly balance your whites and colours.
    Article Related to: photography, photographer, white balance, color, temperature, colour, digital spectrum


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