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  • 7). Looking For Computer Education  By : Ron Eletrick
    Its really amazing to see how the computer industry has established its dominance over the world. Had you ever have a thought in the 80’s that computers would be so much important just like our right hand? Today, computers are used for every small task. Be it online banking, ordering clothes, sending messages we use computers. This is the reason why computer education is a must today to work in society or own a business.
    Article Related to: tech, high tech, internet, computers

  • 9). Zone Alarm Security  By : Jason Hanna
    Are you a computer geek? Hey, I don't mean this as an insult. In this day and age it certainly pays to be computer savvy. Heck, we all have to use computers in some aspect of our lives, whether we like it or not. This is the age of technology folks, and I think we can all appreciate that on many levels. Finally we can take care of our banking online.
    Article Related to: alarm, security, computers, software, tech

  • 11). How to manage your password smartly  By : GRex
    Typically you don't wanna have more than two or three passwords memorized inside your head. But most of the time that's not a choice. Some sites force you to have alphanumeric passwords, while your banks and credit card access force you to have only numeric passwords. When it comes time for you to change your password, life start to get really complicated.
    Article Related to: password, login, security, lifehacks, tools, work, free, tech


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