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  • 8). The Magnificent Metal Building  By : MetalMedia
    If you are expanding your current retail or commercial location or building a new facility, choosing metal for the construction of the building saves you the most money because it is cheaper than conventional construction methods, provides a safer building when completed, and the building systems offer a variety of design choices. In fact, for these reasons (and more) metal buildings now dominate the one and two-story building markets, as cited by architects, engineers and owners across the world.
    Article Related to: metal, buildings, retail, systems, construction, maintenance, commercial, business

  • 15). Solar Energy Systems for Pools  By : Rick Solare
    If you have a pool, you know how much heating it can crank up your utility bill. Solar energy systems for pools offer an alternative method that will not devastate your bank account. Solar Energy Systems for Pools When most people think of solar energy systems, they think of the large crystalline structures that are meant to collect a lot of solar energy in order to convert it into solar power.
    Article Related to: solar, solar energy, solar power, pool, pools, swimming, systems, heat, heating, utility

  • 17). Incoming And Outgoing Tour Operator Systems  By : Freelance Writer
    To differentiate between tour operator and wholesale packages offered in the market today, it becomes imperative to focus on modules and features as well as your individual specific needs. The features that differentiate TOPAX Management from other competitive systems are: Generic B2B site for a complete on-line Internet booking system for travel agents and remote users, Broad Accounting module, Customer Information module - "Mini CRM" to handle customer contact information and to manage customer relations.
    Article Related to: incoming, and, outgoing, tour, operator, systems, tour, operators


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