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Steel Top Related Articles

  • 4). Modern Materials In Hubcaps And Wheel Covers  By : Phil Sollecito
    Our father’s and grandfathers’ wheel covers were gleaming orbs of chrome plated steel, glittering wire spoke patterns, or flat chrome Frisbee look-alikes. Before 1980, chrome plated steel was the only material light and strong enough to do the job. Unfortunately, plated steel thin and light enough for hubcaps was easily dented, and if scratched or driven in winter, i.
    Article Related to: hubcaps, wheel covers, chrome, plastic, steel, simulators

  • 7). Choosing The Right Screw For The Job  By : Matt Jones
    To the untrained eye, one screw is as good as another, but those with a little more awareness have a better chance of realising that choosing the right screw for a particular job can mean the difference between a project succeeding and failing. The industrial and construction sectors have literally hundreds of different types of screws and fasteners to select from; each type suited for a particular usage e.
    Article Related to: screws, abrasives, spax, diy, decking, wood, steel


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