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Software Top Related Articles

  • 4). Software Reviews: Picasa and Coral Painter  By : Jack Smith
    Picasa is a basic but flashy digital photo organizer and editor. Picasa is fine for casual digital shooters who just want to find all their pictures, sort them into albums, do quick edits, and share with friends and family. Coral painter (part of coral photo software)is a wonderful and powerful tool that every serious photo editor, graphic designer or painter should check out.
    Article Related to: software, reviews, picasa, coral, painter

  • 10). Choosing The Right Barcode Scanner  By : Humphrey Appleby
    Barcode Wands Barcode wands were the first broadly used types of barcode readers. How does such a barcode wand work? In the tip of the wand you'll find a small LED (light emitting diode) and a photo receptor. The light is reflected from the code into the receiver. From the signal pattern of the reflection the wand can determine the type and content of the barcode.
    Article Related to: barcode, business, software, computer, scanner, printer

  • 15). A login system with PHP and MySQL  By : Pegasus
    Many interactive websites nowadays require a user to log in into the website's system to provide a customized experience for the user. Once the user has logged in, the website will be able to provide a presentation that is personalized to the user's preferences. A basic login system typically contains 3 components which can be created using PHP and MySQL : Component 1: Allows registration of preferred login Id and password.
    Article Related to: web design, php development, software, login, php software, web development, web design

  • 16). AMD Versus Intel CPU War  By : Chris Hall
    If you are in the market to purchase a computer there are many options in existence. You can purchase a Hewlett Packard, Gateway, IBM, or a custom built system. But there is one thing that all of these computers will utilize and that is a CPU (central processing unit). The CPU is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions for the motherboard.
    Article Related to: computer, software, hardware, cpu, intel, amd, computing, australia, corsair

  • 18). How To Properly Install A New Motherboard  By : Otis Cooper
    The motherboard is the most expensive computer component so be sure to treat and handle it with great care.There are a few things you should do to ensure no motherboard damage occur as you prepare for the installation. Be sure you have a clean,well lit,and level work place.Relax your mind and make this task both fun and educational.You will need such tools as a phillips screwdriver,maybe some needle nose pliers and the manual that came with the board.
    Article Related to: computer repair, computer upgrades, computer training, software

  • 19). How To Change Your Computer's Heat Sink  By : Otis Cooper
    Everyone really want a fast hot computer when we want to do some business computing and when we want to play thos high speed games.But we don't want a fast and Hot computer in the literal sense. Heat will destroy any computer component if not removed in time.And the CPU Chip is one of the main components of your system that produces heat. The heat sink has the all important task of keeping the CPU Chip cool so it does not overheat.
    Article Related to: computer repair, computer upgrades, computer training, software

  • 20). How an employee background check works  By : Stanley Alpin
    Over the past few years pre-employment background checks have gained significance for employers big and small. Companies can either execute the required activities in-house or can outsource them to human resource companies that specialize in carrying out background checks. There is a lot of paper-work, co-coordination, and follow-up that goes into conducting a background check and for this reasons companies prefer to get the job done by an outside agency.
    Article Related to: employee background check, software

  • 23). Employment background check  By : Stanley Alpin
    Employment background checks are becoming increasingly common these days. The reasons for this include the fact that negligent hiring lawsuits that result from the actions of an errant employee can damage a company’s credibility and lead to hefty fines; companies have become more selective in their choice of employees following the threat of terrorist activities; accepting a resume at face value has resulted in many companies wasting time and money due to frequent hire-and-fire situations.
    Article Related to: employment background check, software


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