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  • 20). How to Hunt for Big-Game Backlinks  By : Kenn Schroder
    In the first part, we discussed how backlinks bring you direct traffic in addition to increased search engine rankings. That’s totally awesome! In the second part, we went into keys on creating a good backlink. This included choosing good places for backlinks, as well as making the link attractive to both search engines and people. In this third part, we will get you started on where to start looking for backlinks so you can begin to build traffic, get more clients, and sell more products.
    Article Related to: web design, coaches, coach, internet marketing, backlinks, site promotion

  • 22). Google is Not the Only Phone Company in Town!  By : rebecca
    If your sales depend only on Google traffic and Google adsense or adwords then you could be in for a big dissapointment. Constant search engine rankings can make or break you. I know. I've been there. Riding high on Google rankings then dropping like a 2 ton rock in the Altlantic ocean. Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket. There are several other ways to drive traffic to your site and depending on just one, like Google, is just plain bad marketing efforts.
    Article Related to: google, site promotion, search engines, traffic, seo


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