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Shrubs Top Related Articles

  • 7). Choosing Easy-care Shrubs  By : Ted Roberson
    Shrubs tend to be the centerpiece of most peopleís front yard gardening. I think thatís because shrubs are easy, but theyíre also expected. Homes without a row of shrubs lining the front look kind of naked and unloved. But it can be difficult choosing the right shrubs for your yard. There are so many possibilities and so many conditions in front yards that no one shrub is going to be perfect for every situation.
    Article Related to: gardening, landscaping, planting, shrubs

  • 11). Hibiscus-High Performance  By : Tim Kane
    Our regionís shrub form of hibiscus has a long and storied history in the garden, a history that starts in ancient Asia, where Hibiscus syriacus, the species we know commonly as Rose of Sharon, is native. While not native in Europe, Rose of Sharon was cultivated there for centuries and is referred to throughout ancient writings, including passages of the Bible.
    Article Related to: hibiscus, plants, flowers, shrubs, perennials, landscaping

  • 20). Gardening With Spring Trees And Shrubs  By : Dianne Davies
    Spring is the time when gardening becomes once more of interest to everyone who has any interest in gardening and any size of plot, from a window box to stately acres. In most gardens structure is formed using hard landscaping, trees and shrubs, but they are much more than just shapes. Trees make a functional and beautiful contribution to many gardens.
    Article Related to: gardening, trees, shrubs, scented gardening


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