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  • 1). Benefit From The Stylish Look Of Vertical Blinds  By : Peter Wilson
    Every homeowner wants to make his or her property look as good as possible, both inside and out, and part of doing this is to select the right décor. Selecting the right window coverings is an integral part of getting the right look for home, and can make a big difference to the look and feel of any room. The contemporary look of vertical blinds is a valuable addition to any home improvement, and whatever type of decoration theme you have in the room these window blinds can give the perfect finish.
    Article Related to: vertical blinds, roman, shades, windows, curtains, blinds, shutters, window treatments

  • 4). The problem with cheap sunglasses  By : john
    Cheap sunglasses are everywhere. They are a popular free gift from companies that want to appear trendy, and they are on sale at every shop anywhere near a beach, as well as anywhere else that people often go in summer (theme parks, for example). But you should be very, very cautious of cheap sunglasses, because even though it feels like they’re helping to keep the sun out of your eyes, they can actually do more harm than good.
    Article Related to: sun, glasses, shades

  • 7). Wood Or Vinyl Blinds  By : John Marcus
    The market for blinds have expanded past those traditional aluminum mini blinds the bend, break, and warp. Many homeowners are electing to install a 2 inch blind made of either wood or vinyl to add a more sophisticated touch to a room. Much cheaper than wooden shutters and able to allow in more light, these blinds combine function and design to produce a look that is sure to suit everyone’s needs.
    Article Related to: window blinds, blinds, shades, window treatments

  • 12). Sunglasses were invented in China  By : john
    In Roman times, Emperor Nero liked to watch gladiator fights through emeralds, to avoid the sun getting in his eyes. It is likely that humans in other time periods prior to the invention of sunglasses may also have put various materials over their face to protect their eyes from the brightness of the sun, but little evidence exists for this until we reach the 12th century.
    Article Related to: sun, glasses, shades

  • 13). What’s the connection between sunglasses, Hollywood and World War II?  By : john
    You might not realise it, but sunglasses are fashionable today mainly because of two things: World War II and Hollywood. Early movie stars took to wearing them because the lighting of early film studios was so harsh, and their eyes needed protecting between scenes, while in World War II many soldiers wore sunglasses to protect themselves from the flashes of explosions.
    Article Related to: sun, glasses, shades

  • 14). Sunglasses - why do we wear them?  By : john
    Sunglasses are a special kind of glasses that have been specially darkened to stop bright light from hurting your eyes. When you wear them, the world seems to become a little less bright, which can be a relief on very sunny days. They go all the way back to Roman times, and are especially popular today in the summer and on beaches. However, shielding their eyes from light is not the only reason that people wear sunglasses.
    Article Related to: sun, glasses, shades

  • 17). Advantages Of Faux Wood Shutters  By : Ken Morris
    There didn’t used to be as many choices in building materials as there are today. Something was either made of wood, metal or stone. Materials had to be harvested or mined and then fashioned into whatever shape needed to construct the finished product. Today it is much different. New, synthetic and composite materials are cropping up everywhere and are proving to be not only a viable alternative to natural materials, but one that makes like a bit easier.
    Article Related to: faux wood shutters, shades, windows, curtains, blinds, shutters, window treatments, blinds, curtain

  • 18). So how do sunglasses work?  By : john
    There are two reasons to wear sunglasses. The first reason is if you don’t like the bright sun shining in your eyes, as the dark surface of the sunglasses helps to block out bright light and make the world appear darker. The second is that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful in the long term, causing all sorts of problems with your eyes including loss of eyesight and eye cancer.
    Article Related to: sun, glasses, shades

  • 19). Selecting and Caring for Sunglasses  By : Kristene Markert
    Everyone these days, from celebrities to soccer moms, seem to think sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory; but sunglasses are much more than just a statement, they have become an important element in any preventative health care regime. Benefits of Sunglasses - Properly manufactured sunglass lenses absorb harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun which can cause permanent eye damage over time; such as cataracts, photokeratitis (snow blindness), or pterygium (eye growths).
    Article Related to: sunglasses, glasses, shades, eyewear, eye care

  • 22). Dealing with Bright Sun In Your Windows  By : SolarMan
    You purchase a home with beautiful, large windows only to find the sunlight is blinding during the day and turns the home into an oven. Here’s how you can deal with the issue. If you’ve ever doubted the power of the sun, the glare and heat generated in a home with large windows will change your mind. Boiled down to its basic elements, the sun is a nuclear reactor that sends more energy in the form of sunlight to the earth in one day than the entire world uses in one year.
    Article Related to: home improvement, windows, sun, furniture, carpets, heat, shades, screens

  • 24). Use Antler Lamps For Western Lighting With Rawhide Lamp Shades  By : Craig Chambers
    Antler lamps are one of the most beautiful accessories available for western décor. So much more than a lighting fixture, antler lamps bring life to your room. If you have a cabin or mountain home, the rustic character of antlers with their beautiful shapes and variety of natural color will give your space the distinctive western look you desire. Ranch owners as well as those building modern log homes have recognized antler lamps for years as the must have lighting to complete their rustic home look.
    Article Related to: antler, lamp, rawhide, shades, western, southwest, lighting

  • 25). What To Look For When Purchasing Window Blinds  By : Mike Barus
    In addition to providing much needed privacy, window blinds can also complete the design plan of the room. Especially in small spaces where privacy may be a concern, blinds may likely be the best way to keep your private life private. Especially in areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, window blinds can be an inexpensive look that can drastically change your room.
    Article Related to: window blinds, blinds, shades, window treatments


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