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  • 1). Paid Directory Submission Checklist.  By : Lakhya Phukan
    Every online business needs traffic, which comes with increased visibility on the web. One great way to get noticed is to get listed in the major directories. Links from good directories increases your site's visibility many fold. There are thousands of web directories on the net and selecting the good ones to submit your site can be a time consuming task.
    Article Related to: paid directory, search, directory

  • 2). How to get directories to submit your site - with this 5 steps guide !  By : Lakhya Phukan
    How to get directories to submit your site - with this 5 steps guide ! Getting directories to list your site is easy ! Here are some steps which you can take to find directories: 1. Check out your competitions back links. Your competition is sure to have got links from some directories. Try to get into those first. 2. Do a search in Google (the most obvious one!) using keywords like 'submit+site+directory’.
    Article Related to: directory, search, internet

  • 4). "Starbucks-China" Blend: A Slam Dunk Grande  By : Joseph Pratt
    Admittedly, there are few genuine “can’t miss” propositions. But I’ve got one for you, Starbucks in China. Giant corporations being granted carte blanche in a totalitarian environment are reminiscent of an age when kings granted exclusive licensing for fur trapping. Starbucks has the product, the relationships, and with some nimble campaigning they’ll have the ubiquitous branding in no time.
    Article Related to:, starbucks, china, growth, advertising, search

  • 11). 5 ways to increase traffic to your blog  By : Gasper Novak
    Blogs are a very popular ways of promoting your product or service. They are easy to install, easy to administer and easy to update. And search engines love them too. But what is a blog without traffic?Exactly. Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and start seeing those big sales. 1.Build a list of blog services to ping There are a lot of blog services you can ping.
    Article Related to: blog, traffic, increase, boost, seo, search, forums, ping

  • 17). Free Wi-Fi Blessings for that City by the Bay  By : Jeff Conduct
    Last week the city of San Francisco accepted a joint bid from Google and Earthlink to bring universal wireless access, or “Wi-Fi” to that city by the bay. Residents will be able to log in wirelessly to the Internet from home, work, cable car, or wherever. San Francisco is among the first cities of a number going “muniwireless”- that is, citywide free Wi-Fi; Philadelphia has already cut a similar deal with Earthlink, while Austin, Boston, and Chicago have also announced plans to do the same.
    Article Related to:, starbucks, china, growth, advertising, search

  • 20). Search in the Far East  By : Jeff Conduct
    To stay relevant or even solvent, a company must keep itself informed. That’s why research, of both the in-house and outsourced varieties, is essential. At keeping tabs on who’s doing what in the marketplace is key to our success, and it doesn’t matter whether our information comes via mailman or email - at the end of the day, it’s still content, right? Recently, I happened to come upon the work of a reliable investment banking firm that specializes in Chinese tech research, New York Global Securities.
    Article Related to: search, engine, marketing, internet, interactive, advertising, adwords. overture, google, yahoo, baidu, china, adsense, ask, msn, ads


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