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Salt Top Related Articles

  • 4). Salts Explained  By : Paul Hegeman
    Cooking Salts Explained Salt, also known as Sodium Chloride or (NaCl) is a vital component of the healthy and balanced human diet. Over half of the human body contains fluids that contain salt. Our blood, tears and saliva all contain salt. In addition we daily lose salt in our perspiration and urine. Muscles need salt in order to function, nerves require salt to carry messages and the digestive system cannot function without salt.
    Article Related to: salt, sodium, blood pressure, sea salt, rock salt, kitchen salt

  • 12). Did you know that excess Salt is Harmful?  By : Cindi Gass
    Salt (sodium) plays an important role in the regulation of muscle contraction, fluid balance and nerve impulses in the human body and it is essential for overall good health. All our body fluids including blood, sweat, tears, etc contain sodium. It is essential to maintain proper balance of sodium in these fluids. Sodium in the body is mainly found in fluids that surround the body’s cells, such as blood and lymph fluid.
    Article Related to: salt, sodium

  • 13). How To Not Lose Weight  By : Eva Moffat
    Copyright 2006 Eva Moffat If you are determined NOT to lose weight, this article has some good advice that will help you to achieve your ambition. You can do this in several ways. Firstly by:- Going on a starvation diet. That is missing meals and only having half meals when you do eat. You may think that by missing meals you are taking in less calories and surely that is what you must do to lose weight.
    Article Related to: lose weight, losing weight, weight loss, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, fats, water, salt

  • 17). People of Influence  By : Pastor James Laws
    There are a lot of things around us that would love to change our mind. Everywhere we turn we find the opinions of the so called masses. They all seek our attention and hope to distract us from Jesus, the only Truth that really matters. Jesus points out some of those distractions in Mark 8:15. Mark 8:15 15 - Then He charged them, saying, "Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.
    Article Related to: influence, temptation, change, salt

  • 22). Flowers moss and salt and pepper  By : Alex Love
    When I was a young apprentice oasis foam was a new idea and the traditional method of using sphagnum moss and wire fro funeral tributes was used. As a trainee part of the day was spent mossing which meant attaching the moss with twine or wire to metal frames there were the standard wreath hearts cushions and letters but you could obtain any shape you liked.
    Article Related to: flowers, moss, salt

  • 25). A Meal Without Salt Is Not A Meal  By : Ng Peng Hock
    A meal without salt is not a meal. Do you agree with this proverb? Many people will probably say yes but they will also ask: we are always told to cut down the salt in-take in order to avoid high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease, so what should we do? Most dietitians and nutritionists insist on cutting down the salt in-take gradually to allow the taste buds to sensitize themselves to salt again.
    Article Related to: high blood pressure, heart disease, salt, sodium


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