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  • 3). Spain and Your Car  By : Justin Aldridge
    Your Licence As a member of the EU you do not need to apply for a Spanish license (as long as it is a photo-card style licence). If you do not have a license or are a non-EU citizen you must take a driving test in order to obtain a Spanish license. Driving to Spain There are three routes by which a vehicle can be transported from the UK to Spain: * Portsmouth to Bilbao, with P&O Ferries * Plymouth to Santander, with Brittany Ferries.
    Article Related to: insurance, car, driving, spain, roads, spanish, tolls, motorways

  • 4). Cement Mixer  By : John Francis
    History of Cement and Cement Mixers Cement mixers are a way of carrying and mixing cement while you are working to repair a foundation, sidewalk, or building a mold. Cement is mostly known to be made out of asphalt, which stands for secure in the ancient Greek language. Cement is a mixture of several different types of materials. This includes sand, limestone and asphalt.
    Article Related to: cement mixer, concrete, roads, pavements, building works

  • 8). Wine Roads in Tuscany  By : Roberto Bell
    Winding through the Tuscan hills, the wine roads offer travel itineraries within remarkable viticulture areas which are characterized by vineyards and wine cellars and also by landscape, historical attractions in a frame where all kinds of comfort is offered to welcome tourists. Along the wine road signs point out clearly places for lodging, especially farm holidays.
    Article Related to: travel, tuscany, trip, wine, roads, travel in tuscany


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