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  • 3). Resume Writing - 3 Tips For Success  By :
    Resume writing is possibly the biggest stumbling block for folks who are looking for a job. While it may seem simple, there are allot of subtle things that really matter. Potential employers are flooded with resumes in response to their job postings, and you only have a few short moments to make it or your resume will end up in the trash. So, how do you optimize your resume to make it likely to get read? Here are 3 great tips to get you started.
    Article Related to: career, jobs, resumes, resume writing

  • 6). How To Impress At An Interview, And Land That Job  By : Laura Adams
    Candidates’ experience and credentials, as detailed in the resume, are most often the frequently used criteria for determining which job applicants are deserving of a personal interview. Ultimately, though, the hiring decision is going to be heavily based upon the candidates’ performance in the interview and their value to the organization. To impress an interviewer, you have to be able to distinguish yourself from other candidates and be prepared to 'sell' your qualifications to the interviewer.
    Article Related to: job, jobs, career, careers, employment, recruitment, resume, resumes, interview, interviews

  • 11). A Sample Interview Thank You Letter  By : Heather Eagar
    A sample thank you letter that you use after an interview, as a guideline or template, will save you a lot of time when preparing this type of correspondence. Since you’ll prepare it before the job interview when you are not nervous and have a clear head, the letter will really increase your chances of making or reinforcing a good impression. Trying using this for your own uses.
    Article Related to: resumes, letter, job, interview, writing

  • 16). How to Say, “Yes, I Accept Your Job Offer!”  By : Heather Eagar
    A sample job acceptance letter should be kept on the computer of job seekers to be customized for a new situation and used when it is needed. A job seeker should also know how to use it, and when to use it. With that in mind, a sample letter follows. Date Name of Hiring Manager Company Address City Zip Dear Hiring Manager’s name, It is with great enthusiasm that I accept your offer for employment with Xyz Company.
    Article Related to: resumes, cover letter, interview, job

  • 18). Resume Formats using a Word Processing Program  By : Chris Miller
    When you are in the hunt for a new job, resume formats are vital to this search. Convenient for you, Microsoft Word can be utilized to spruce up your resume. Even if you are not a pro at resume writing, Microsoft Word can assist you in completing your task at hand. Almost every job application requires some sort of resume. The resume is one of the most important factors potential employers look at when evaluating you for a possible position.
    Article Related to: resumes, sample resumes, resume formats, resume writing

  • 19). Need Interviews? A Sample Letter for Following-Up Your Resume Submission  By : Heather Eagar
    A sample letter to use as a guide when preparing your follow up letters can assist your job search, save you time, and make you look very professional. Take a look at the following, and use it as a guide when preparing your own follow up letters. SAMPLE FOLLOW UP LETTER Date Decision Maker, Position Company Address City State, Zip code Dear (use name), I wanted to touch base with you concerning my recent application with your company.
    Article Related to: resumes, cover letter, interview, career

  • 23). Tips To Creating Your Own Cover Letter Template  By :
    Using a cover letter template when job hunting is a logical and time saving measure. Your time is limited, so writing one basic one and using it as your template will simplify the application process, making you more efficient and hopefully employed all that much faster. A basic template can be either bulleted – sometimes called an Executive Summary – or in paragraph form.
    Article Related to: resumes, template, cover letter, business


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