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  • 7). How To Impress At An Interview, And Land That Job  By : Laura Adams
    Candidatesí experience and credentials, as detailed in the resume, are most often the frequently used criteria for determining which job applicants are deserving of a personal interview. Ultimately, though, the hiring decision is going to be heavily based upon the candidatesí performance in the interview and their value to the organization. To impress an interviewer, you have to be able to distinguish yourself from other candidates and be prepared to 'sell' your qualifications to the interviewer.
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  • 21). An Effective Resume Objective Can Make a Big Difference  By : Joseph Turner
    Copyright 2006 Joseph Turner A missing or lame objective section can get your resume a quick click with the delete key in a matter of seconds. There are quite simply too many other and most likely better resumes out there to bother. Yet most job seekers screw this one simple section up terribly. Since your resume leads with your Objective, it should grab the reader and pull them in to want to read more.
    Article Related to: resume, resume objective, job search

  • 22). 13 Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You The Interview  By : Judi Perkins
    1. A BLAND OR GENERIC OBJECTIVE: If your objective could be applied to a marketing resume as easily as a resume for an accounting position, then your objective says nothing and will get you nowhere. An objective is NOT some required paragraph at the top of the page that is an exercise in 5 lines of job speak. It's an actual and real description of your skills as they're related to who you are and what you want.
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