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Repair Top Related Articles

  • 13). How To Repair a Hole In Your Drywall  By : Tim Evans
    Repairing a hole in your drywall may seem like a job best left to a professional, but it is job that you can do yourself with a little time and a few tools. This article details step by step instructions for repairing a hole in your drywall.
    Article Related to: repair, drywall, paint, prime

  • 19). Repairing Loose Carpet  By : James C
    When carpeting is installed in a home, it is stretched over your floor onto tack strips which secure it on the sides. Over time with general use and age your carpet will actually stretch out. This will often show itself as wrinkles and loose spots in your carpeting. So how do you repair these wrinkles, is there a way? Yes, to get rid of these unsightly wrinkles, you need to have your rugs professionally stretched.
    Article Related to: flooring, floors, carpeting, area rugs, carpet, stretching, stretcher, repair, home improvement

  • 21). How To Grout Your Tile And Stone  By : Michael Garman
    More and more homeowners are experiencing the satisfaction of repairing their tile and grout. The high cost of labor for even small jobs, has driven people to the stores looking for tile, materials, products and information. This is GREAT! Why shouldn’t homeowners learn to tile and grout? I’ve seen many new homes with completed ceramic tile jobs that have made the hair on the back of my neck stand up in fright … especially tract homes where the bottom line for the developer is speed and corners to cut.
    Article Related to: tile, grout, removal, repair, stone, sponge, homeowners, grout float


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