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  • 4). What Is a Dunk Tank?  By :
    Dunk tanks are fun at festivals and can rise a lot of money. Most dunk tanks are so easy to set up it only takes one person and it is easy to maintain and operate one as well
    Article Related to: dunk tank, fun, festivals, rent, charity

  • 6). Lanzarote Villas - Buying for Investment  By : Bob Dickie
    Many people are buying property in Lanzarote purely as an investment, intending to rent out the property for as many weeks in the year as possible and also see good capital appreciation, as opposed to putting their money into pension schemes which have been performing very poorly. So how do you decide where and what properties are likely to give you.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, rent, rental, holiday

  • 8). Lanzarote Villas – What It's Like to Live in One  By : Bob Dickie
    So you´ve bought your beautiful Lanzarote villa in the sun and are planning to move there to stay. But is living abroad really for you? Is your new life going to be any better than what you´ve been used to in the UK? As a contributor to internet forums on Lanzarote and UK Expats, the most commonly asked question I receive is “What is it like to live in Lanzarote?" There are many people who move to Lanzarote from the UK to fulfill their dream of living in the sun, but end up going back home after just a few months disillusioned.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool

  • 10). Lanzarote Villas - How to Pay for Them  By : Bob Dickie
    More and more people are buying a villa in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. So you´ve spent many, many hours searching for the perfect villa, and you´ve found it! Everything is arranged with the estate agent at lawyer, now you just need to pay for it. So how do you send over the money? The cheapest and easiest way is to use a specialist broker. You will see them advertised in overseas property magazines and the internet, or your estate agent can recommend one for you.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool

  • 16). Buy To Let -The Pitfalls  By : Joseph Kenny
    Taking on a property in addition to your home can be a time consuming and complex matter. Before you become a landlord (or lady), make sure you’ve thought it through! Tenants While you may be lucky and find the perfect tenant by chance, it’s a good idea to interview potential tenants first. You can ask for references from previous landlords or employers to reassure yourself that they are trustworthy and solvent.
    Article Related to: mortgages, buy, let, home, rent, accomodation, price, market, sell, loan, secured

  • 17). Have Some Dunk Tank Fun  By : bajazz
    A dunk tank is a box, one that is usually a see through, clear plastic type of box that is going to have someone sitting in the box. As someone is sitting in the box, another person who pays to get a few small balls, is going to aim at the target, and then as they hit the target, they are going to sink who ever is sitting in the dunk tank. The dunk tank can be a lot of fun, at parties, at schools, at conventions, carnivals and at fundraising events.
    Article Related to: dunk tank, fun, festivals, rent, charity, raise money, water fun, dunking tank

  • 21). Villas in Lanzarote - The Letting Laws  By : Bob Dickie
    The letting laws for villas and apartments in Lanzarote and other Canary Islands have been the subject of much debate over the past few years. Many statements have been made by elected presidents of villa and apartment communities intent on stopping holiday rentals in their community in an effort to impose their will on uninformed property owners. They are largely bluffing and bullying.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool


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