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  • 7). tiniitus online support  By : infusion
    Tinnitus: A persistant high pitched screaming only you can hear. You can hear it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sometimes the noise is enough to make you feel you are loosing your sanity. In fact, on a lighter note one could call it "a big fat pain in the ear !" It may be of little comfort to Tinnitus victims, but experts estimate that approximately 17 % of the world´s population are currantly suffering from Tinnitus.
    Article Related to: tinnitus, tinitus, help, support, therapy, cure, remedies, ebook, ebook, hearingloss, deafness

  • 18). What Is Proving In Hemeopathy?  By : Amy A.May
    Some modern homeopaths are exploring the use of more esoteric substances, known as imponderables because they do not originate from a material substance but from electromagnetic or electrical energy presumed to have been captured by direct exposure, Positronium, and Electricitas (electricity) or through the use of a telescope (Polaris). Recent ventures by homeopaths into esoteric substances include Tempesta (thunderstorm), and Berlin wall.
    Article Related to: homeopathy, alternative medicine, alternative, remedy, remedies, homeopatic

  • 19). Medieval Remedies That Still Work Today  By : Doug Smith
    Home Remedies - Facts or Quacks? In a previous article we looked at several possible definitions of a home remedy, and patched together a definition that met our mental image of such a remedy. If you missed it, here’s the definition we derived. A home remedy is an experience-based or even accidental remedy or cure prepared from herbs, plants, or other available ingredients by common folk when modern medical help was unavailable (or hadn’t been devised yet).
    Article Related to: home, remedy, remedies, alternative, medicine, hiccups, cure, medieval, ancient

  • 21). Combination Homeopathic Remedies: Your Introduction To Homeopathy.  By : Edward Shalts
    Of all homeopathic products on the market, combination remedies are arguably the most popular. You can find them prominently displayed in the homeopathic sections of most health food stores and placed near the cash registers in Whole Foods during cold season. Bestsellers, these products offer us the hope of a simple and straightforward solution: one medication for one diagnosis of anything that ails us, conditions ranging from teething, to head colds, to premenstrual syndrome, to hemorrhoids.
    Article Related to: easy, homeopathy, combination, remedies, effective, natural, safe

  • 22). The Little-Known Old Fashioned Remedies  By : Ben Tiew
    Despite progress we always have those among us who believe the "old fashioned" ways or products are better. It has to be said that in some instances they are correct. Sadly, with each passing generation, some of this old fashioned wisdom disappears.
    Article Related to: remedies, remedy, herb


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