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Real Estate Top Related Articles

  • 2). Who Is Responsible For Closing Costs  By : Raynor
    Buying or selling a home is a euphoric experience for both of the parties involved. This euphoria can cool when you learn which party is responsible for the closing costs. Who Is Responsible For Closing Costs When looking to buy or sell a home, every person eventually arrives at the question of funding closing costs on the transaction. To put it simply, both buyers and sellers typically are responsible for some of the closing costs.
    Article Related to: real estate, escrow, settlement, buyer, seller, closing, costs, fees, taxes

  • 7). An Overview of a Quit Claim Deed  By : Raynor
    The deed to a property is a legal document that establishes ownership. There are different types of deeds. Here is an overview of a quit claim deed. An Overview of a Quit Claim Deed Quit claim deeds are a form of deed used in the transfer or sale of property when a grantor, a person who owns an interest in the property, is essentially allowing the transfer of that property to another person.
    Article Related to: real estate, buy, sell, home, house, homes, houses, deeds, quit claim, buyers, sellers

  • 8). What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home?  By : Raynor
    Love at first sight is a concept that applies to the real estate market. So, what is the best house color to sell your home to a love struck buyer? What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home? When you go to social events, do you make an effort to snazzy yourself up? Of course you do. The simply fact is attraction is a key factor in forming relationships and the same applies to your house.
    Article Related to: real estate, house, color, sell, home, property, selling, houses, homes

  • 19). The Magic Of Magic Mountain  By : John Nazareno
    Magic Mountain is perhaps one of the most well known theme parks in the United States. The park is located in Valencia California, which is North of Los Angeles. The park opened in the summer of 1971 just in time to attract the summer crowds of families that were off of work and school and looking to have some fun. In 1979 Six Flags purchased Magic Mountain, and so the park adopted the Six Flags Magic Mountain name that it has carried ever since.
    Article Related to: vacation, california, travel, lifestyle, fun, real estate, night life, theme parks, east bay

  • 25). FSBO Sellers - Real Estate Signage  By : Raynor
    Real estate signage is part and parcel of the FSBO sales process. That being said, you have to know how to use them to get the biggest bang for your buck. FSBO Sellers - Real Estate Signage When it comes to selling real estate, it is important to understand that the number one thing that leads to a sale is not snappy advertisements, professional help and so on.
    Article Related to: real estate, fsbo, seller, selling, sell, signage, signs, marketing, home, house, tip


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