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Property Top Related Articles

  • 3). What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home?  By : Raynor
    Love at first sight is a concept that applies to the real estate market. So, what is the best house color to sell your home to a love struck buyer? What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home? When you go to social events, do you make an effort to snazzy yourself up? Of course you do. The simply fact is attraction is a key factor in forming relationships and the same applies to your house.
    Article Related to: real estate, house, color, sell, home, property, selling, houses, homes

  • 8). A Knights Templar Property For Sale With A Legend  By : David Seymour
    Seymour-James the marketing property specialist for South West France is delighted to promote the sale of an historic chateau in the Dordogne - not far from Bordeaux and Bergerac. Beautiful Chateau de Maravau sits on an old Gallo-Roman site of 3 acres, close to Ste Foy La Grande and it is from here that the Knights Templar constructed a ‘Lookout Tower’ in the late 12th Century. This tower was used for early warning of impending attacks and still stands magnificently today ...
    Article Related to: property, chateau, france, south, west, knights, templar, dordogne

  • 18). Black Sea Property Investing – Bulgaria At Its Best?  By : Tem Pearson
    Bulgaria has gained a great deal of press recently as being a location ideal for property investment. Much of the information relates to the rapidly growing Black Sea coastal resorts. The Black Sea area, as a coastal holiday destination, is seen as among the best in Europe and possibly even in the world. Bulgaria is ideal for families, as the sea is renowned for being hospitable for swimmers and paddlers of all ages and abilities. The sea is calm and clean with gently slop...
    Article Related to: bulgaria, property, black sea, resort


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