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  • 15). Can you be an Intrepreneur?  By : Herbie
    intrepreneur ‘in-tra-pre-noor’, n. a person who organizes, maintains and takes responsibility for an internet business venture. Starting any business is a somewhat daunting task, but to start what is now known as a traditional or offline business should only be considered if you have very deep pockets, a lot of patience or a unique and brilliant idea.
    Article Related to: internet, marketing, profits, intrepreneur

  • 20). Investments and How to Find Them  By : Joseph Kenny
    There are risks involved in all investing. The skill of investing is knowing which risks are worth taking, and which should be avoided. Finding and knowing which risks to take is the essence of good investing and the whole reason that investments can pay such a high reward. It cannot be done without careful research and analysis. You must give yourself every chance to make the right decision.
    Article Related to: financial, investments, invest, profits, shares, statements, quarterly, dividends

  • 22). Internet Marketing – Things You Don't Need To Know  By : Gordon McAlpine
    For some time now I have become disillusioned with running my own traditional style business. You know the one where you have to rent premises, pay rates, employ staff, keep large amounts of stock and a million of other time and financially consuming things. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I decided to investigate the possibility of starting my own internet business or as they say in the trade, become an internet marketer.
    Article Related to: internet, marketing, profits, intrepreneur

  • 23). Realized Vs Unrealized Returns  By : John Forman
    Traders deal with two different kinds of returns when they speak of profits and losses made in the markets. Realized returns, often referred to as "booked", are those which come about as the result of a position which has been closed out. Unrealized, or "paper", gains and losses are those which involve open positions. An example of a paper return would be when one buys a stock at $100 and it rises to $110, but the trade remains open.
    Article Related to: trading, investing, returns, profits


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