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Profit Top Related Articles

  • 11). How To Solve Unsolvable Problems  By : Saleem Rana
    When Willis H. Carrier was a young man, he worked for the Buffalo Forge Company in Buffalo, New York. He remembered that one of his toughest projects was the installation of a gas-cleaning device in a plant of the Pittsburgh Glass Company at Crystal City, Missouri. While the device, designed to clean gas as it burned without damaging the engines, worked properly, it was new and had only been tried once under different conditions. As Willis worked on this project, problems arose – because, while the device did work, it did not work properly.
    Article Related to: profit, thinking, success principle, focussing, problem, successful, successful attitude, fears

  • 12). Top 7 Youth Fundraising ideas  By : Jennifer Carter
    The most important rule in planning a youth fundraiser is to make sure that everybody has fun! These ideas will work well for a youth group, a church young people's group, non-profit group or a youth sports (e.g. football, baseball) group. Here are seven ideas to get your fundraising started:- Sales -if you type in “youth fundraiser” on any search engine you'll find offers to sell cookie dough, pizza cards, scratch cards, candles, sports goods and plenty more.
    Article Related to: youth, fundraiser, fundraising, money, group, church, sport, sports, non, profit, non-profit

  • 15). Growing Your Small Business With Honesty And Integrity  By : Joe Torrence
    Small business is America. Almost every person has at one time or another dreamed of owning their own business. Why not? I don't have to answer to a boss. I can set my own hours. In 10 or 20 years, I can live a life of leisure or somewhere at the top of the food chain. So the goals are set, the die is cast and off you go into the world of owning your owm small business.
    Article Related to: profit, bottom line, honesty, integrity

  • 22). How to Control Shrink at Your Store  By : Jerry Robertson
    Shrink is a part of the business no one likes to talk about. However, shrink plays a huge part in every retailer’s business. Shrink can take many forms, but here are the four most common. They are employee theft, shoplifting, vendor theft and paperwork errors. Many small retailers only worry about shoplifting, but the other three accounts for about 2/3 of all shrink.
    Article Related to: shrink, theft, shoplifting, profit, retail, employees


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