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  • 3). Above Ground Pools: For Ultimate Swimming  By :
    Nothing can beat the heat of summer like the cool, refreshing waters of a swimming pool. The cold water of swimming pool is a haven in the scorching heat of summer. You never want to get out of the swimming pool. The pool becomes irresistible. Swimming pools are basically made for recreational swimming and competitive swimming activities. A personal swimming pool definitely adds style and value to your home.
    Article Related to: pool, swimming pool

  • 5). Lanzarote Villas – What It's Like to Live in One  By : Bob Dickie
    So you´ve bought your beautiful Lanzarote villa in the sun and are planning to move there to stay. But is living abroad really for you? Is your new life going to be any better than what you´ve been used to in the UK? As a contributor to internet forums on Lanzarote and UK Expats, the most commonly asked question I receive is “What is it like to live in Lanzarote?" There are many people who move to Lanzarote from the UK to fulfill their dream of living in the sun, but end up going back home after just a few months disillusioned.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool

  • 7). All About Pool Cue Tips  By :
    Do you think that your choice in tips is the right choice or simply politically correct? What I mean by politically correct is, is your choice in tips controlled by the opinion of your peers or some professional player that you know, or is it based on fact? By the end of this article you should be able to answer this question for youself. What are.
    Article Related to: pool cues, billiards, pool, cue tips, pool cue tips

  • 9). Lanzarote Villas - How to Pay for Them  By : Bob Dickie
    More and more people are buying a villa in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. So you´ve spent many, many hours searching for the perfect villa, and you´ve found it! Everything is arranged with the estate agent at lawyer, now you just need to pay for it. So how do you send over the money? The cheapest and easiest way is to use a specialist broker. You will see them advertised in overseas property magazines and the internet, or your estate agent can recommend one for you.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool

  • 12). Decks For Above Ground Pools : Can Beautify Your Yard As Well  By : Susan Dean
    If you think that decks for above ground pools are a waste of time then think again. Most people who have a pool that is above ground do so because they cannot afford the luxury of an inground pool or they are renting the home they are in. This is not there first option as they really want something that looks good but they have to compromise. Well I'm here to tell you that you can still have something that looks good and is still have the benefits of an inground pool for a much cheaper price.
    Article Related to: pools, swimming pools, above ground pool, pool, spa

  • 15). Using The Sun To Cut Pool Heating Costs  By : SolarMan
    One of the biggest energy expenses for homes is heating the pool. Using the power of the sun can keep you swimming in the middle of winter. If you have a pool, you know heating it can run your utility bill through the roof. Fortunately, there are a number of practical steps that can be taken to cut costs. Many people who complain about the cost of heating their pools fail to take common sense steps to cut the bill.
    Article Related to: pool, heating, costs, utilities, heating bill, pools, utility bill

  • 16). Neanderthal Species Distinct From Humans  By : Greg Neyman
    For many years young earth ministries have claimed that Neanderthals were modern humans. However, new evidence shows that they should in fact be a separate species, which died out, and did not contribute to the gene pool of present-day humanity. In a story reported in late January 2004, scientists did a detailed computer analysis of human and Neanderthal skulls, comparing the variations with the variations of sub-species of apes.
    Article Related to: neanderthal, greg, neyman, theistic, gene, pool

  • 17). How To Protect Your Kids at the Pool  By : Roger Hall
    Copyright 2006 Roger Hall A university statistics professor in the United States, Steven D. Levitt, was struck by how many children had drowned in swimming pools. They were the kind of deaths that don't make the newspaper—unlike, for instance, a child who dies while playing with a gun. He got curious, and went looking for numbers that would tell the story.
    Article Related to: kids, safety, swim, pool, family, drowning prevention, home safety

  • 18). Villas in Lanzarote - The Letting Laws  By : Bob Dickie
    The letting laws for villas and apartments in Lanzarote and other Canary Islands have been the subject of much debate over the past few years. Many statements have been made by elected presidents of villa and apartment communities intent on stopping holiday rentals in their community in an effort to impose their will on uninformed property owners. They are largely bluffing and bullying.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool

  • 20). Solar Energy Systems for Pools  By : Rick Solare
    If you have a pool, you know how much heating it can crank up your utility bill. Solar energy systems for pools offer an alternative method that will not devastate your bank account. Solar Energy Systems for Pools When most people think of solar energy systems, they think of the large crystalline structures that are meant to collect a lot of solar energy in order to convert it into solar power.
    Article Related to: solar, solar energy, solar power, pool, pools, swimming, systems, heat, heating, utility

  • 22). Pool Tables: Fun For All The Family  By : Kathryn Whittaker
    Having your own pool table at home can be a very rewarding step for any homeowner. The pool table, along with your favorite pool accessories, will not only help you unwind, but it will also provide quality entertainment for your guests. Instead of going to a local bar or pub you can invite people at home for drinks and a game of pools. For your home use you can pick any table you like, even an antique Brunswick pool table which you will rarely see in a bar.
    Article Related to: pool table, pool, snooker, billiards

  • 23). Holiday Villas in Lanzarote – What Weather can you Expect?  By : Bob Dickie
    You´ve chosen your beautiful luxury villa with its private pool for your holiday and are eagerly awaiting your (hopefully) break in the sun. But will the weather live up to expectations? Lanzarote lies off the west coast of Africa, about 400 miles south from the south coast of Spain, so you´d expect it to be very hot and sultry, especially in July and August where it´s very much that way in the south of Spain and the Mediterranean.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, villas, luxury, rent, rental, holiday, private, pool


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