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Police Top Related Articles

  • 3). Keys To Getting The Law Enforcement Job You Want  By : Don Cirillo
    These days, when uncertain economic times are putting many careers in doubt, an increasing number of people are looking to work in law enforcement. And there are very good reasons for this. As many industries have shrunk, North American communities have steadily increased their budgets for law enforcement. Police officers now enjoy better pay and often outstanding benefits.
    Article Related to: job, job interview, police, law enforcement

  • 11). Self-Defense Tips For Women And College Students  By : Marvin Lewis
    These days, TV and newspaper reports are full of horrifying stories about women being assaulted and attacked. In fact, chances are you know someone who has been attacked, or may have experienced an attack or frightening experience yourself. Your fears are certainly justified. Crime statistics show instances of assault against women are way up in recent years.
    Article Related to: women, college students, rape, police, protection


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