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  • 6). Bell & Howell 35J Camera Review  By : LWN
    This is a fairly common older medium-size 35mm camera. It has three aperture settings and a standard tripod socket. We developed a roll of film from it and had good results on most photographs, including a few of very good quality. It is possible to connect an external flash unit to it, although we did not. This camera is easier to use, more compact, and lighter than many cameras with similar features.
    Article Related to: photography, photos

  • 9). Free Newsgroup Servers  By : Marcus Grant
    Free newsgroup servers sound irresistible, don’t they? After all, your internet service provider probably doesn’t give you access to all the newsgroups you want, right? Or else you want access to particular types of newsgroups that just don’t make it onto any of major internet service provider lists. Free newsgroup servers have often stepped up to the plate to foster free speech and the free exchange of ideas that are often all but ignored in the typical newsgroup.
    Article Related to: free music, photos, naked women

  • 14). Comparing Digital Camera Features  By : Steve Gargin
    More people are able to afford digital cameras because their prices are falling but the number of characteristics is rising so it is important to be able to compare digital camera features. The first step in being able to compare digital camera features is to decide what you want to get out of your camera. If you compare digital camera prices you will see that for shooting family snapshots you can get a good basic digital camera for under $400, while a professional model is over $2,000.
    Article Related to: digital camera, digital cameras, cameras, camera, photos, photo, photography

  • 16). What Is The Best Digital Camera For Me?  By : Steve Gargin
    There is so much to consider when looking for the best digital camera to suit your needs. It is important to decide what features matter the most to you. The main factors, apart from cost, in assessing which is the best digital camera for you are as follows: • Size and weight • Resolution • Level of Control • Options and features The size and weight of the best digital camera for one person varies greatly to that of another.
    Article Related to: digital camera, digital cameras, cameras, camera, photos, photo, photography

  • 18). Still Life Photography In A Home Studio  By : Albreht Moy
    Still life photography has a long dated history and goes back to ancient times where a camera obscuras where used. This type of still life was done by standing in a dark room and through a pinhole placed in the wall the outside world was projected onto the opposite wall, but it is given that they where shown upside down and in vivid color. So as it stands today, still life photography has the same concept and idea, but done a lot differently and much more hi tech.
    Article Related to: photography, still life photography, photos


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