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Photography Top Related Articles

  • 2). What Is Stock Photography?  By : Kathy Burns-Millyard
    Stock photography is simply photos taken "on spec". This means the photographer takes pictures of various objects, people, or situations, and sells them after the pictures have been taken. They are not on a specific photography assignment, instead they are taking photos of subjects they'd like to take pictures of. Stock photography is primarily used in printed advertisements, brochures, magazines, and websites, though there are many other ways stock photography can be used.
    Article Related to: stock photography, photography, royalty free photography, micro stock photography

  • 4). Minolta F10BF Camera Review  By : LWN
    This medium-size 35mm camera has many features, including motorized film advance/rewind, lens cover with shutter lock, red eye reduction, built-in flash, and large view finder. We developed a roll of film from it, and found that it is capable of taking good-quality photographs. However, two drawbacks are that it is easy to accidentally rewind the film (the rewind is motorized), and it is more difficult to load the film than with manual cameras.
    Article Related to: photography

  • 14). How do Underwater Cameras Work?  By : Nicola Kennedy
    Underwater Cameras are cameras that are specially designed for underwater use or in circumstances that requires protection to prevent any water and pressure damage. There are many types of underwater cameras, depending on your budget and uses. There are underwater cameras that are simply disposed of after use. These are the cheapest type of underwater camera available in the market.
    Article Related to: photography, cameras, diving, underwater

  • 15). Bell & Howell 35J Camera Review  By : LWN
    This is a fairly common older medium-size 35mm camera. It has three aperture settings and a standard tripod socket. We developed a roll of film from it and had good results on most photographs, including a few of very good quality. It is possible to connect an external flash unit to it, although we did not. This camera is easier to use, more compact, and lighter than many cameras with similar features.
    Article Related to: photography, photos

  • 18). Why Don't I Look Good In Pictures?  By : Eric Scribener
    Some people don't – and for very real reasons... I've been taking professional photographs for about thirty years. Ever since I started, I've heard a constant comment. It is always said something like "I just don't take good pictures" or "the camera just doesn't like me." Almost invariably, when this statement is uttered, everyone within earshot gives a chuckle, or immediately starts assuring the speaker that they really do look good.
    Article Related to: photograph, photography, tip, hint

  • 19). Canon Underwater Cameras - What You Need To Know  By : Nicola Kennedy
    Simply for capturing the terrific memories that you experience, you will get fond of using Canon underwater cameras quickly. Underwater cameras have most of the same features as the handy cameras that we used outdoors - the only difference is that they have certain functions that are more innovative because they are water resistant and can be used to capture pictures under the sea.
    Article Related to: photography, cameras, diving, underwater

  • 25). Filters For Landscape Photography.  By : TJ Tierney
    Filters are used in photography to bring back an image to the way our eyes have perceived the original scene. Some times it’s not possible for our cameras to record an exact scene - so we have to rely on the manufacturers of camera products. Filters also help us to create mood in our images and bring out the best in a scene. A small selection of filters is well worth packing when heading off for a trip.
    Article Related to: filters, polarizing, photography, landscape, pictures, images


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