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  • 2). Different Quilling Techniques To Create Different Designs  By : Warren Wong
    Quilling is the art of rolling strips of paper around a simple tool to create elaborate designs that you can use as decorative touches for many different reasons. Although quilling is very time consuming because you are working with small items, it is one that is easy to learn. By combining paper quilling techniques, you can glue several designs together to make a large design.
    Article Related to: quilling, techniques, how, paper, quill

  • 3). How to Find Paper Quilling Ideas  By : Warren Wong
    Once you discover the art of paper quilling, you will realize the many different designs that you can create with this simple craft. Rolling small strips of paper around a toothpick can help you create designs for invitations, thank you cards, pages of your scrapbook or even small gifts you give to family and friends.
    Article Related to: paper, quilling, ideas, filigree, how, quill

  • 4). Introduction to Paper Quilling  By : Warren Wong
    Paper quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, gluing and decorating strips of paper. This craft is also called paper filigree or simply quilling. You do need a tool called a quill to create the basic coiled shape to the paper. You then glue the paper at the top and shape the coils to form various designs, such as flowers, leaves and other different decorative designs.
    Article Related to: quilling, paper, ideas, filigree

  • 7). The Origins of Paper Filigree  By : Warren Wong
    No one really knows when or where paper filigree actually started. However, it is believed that it did develop very soon after paper was invented. Since precious metals were used to create ornate ironworks and latticework, the art of rolling paper was intended to replicate the same designs in a simpler and smaller fashion.
    Article Related to: paper, filigree, how, quill, quilling, techniques

  • 22). So You Want to Know How to Quill  By : Warren Wong
    Paper quilling is the art of rolling strips of paper and forming designs from the coils. It does take time to create a quilled design because the strips are so narrow, ranging from 1/8 inch to one inch and only about three or four inches long. However, it is not hard to learn how to quill and anyone of any age can do it - even children. This is not a new craft.
    Article Related to: how, quill, quilling, ideas, paper


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