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Painting Top Related Articles

  • 2). Getting the Baby Nursery Walls Ready  By : Rebecca Johnson
    When planning your baby nursery, deciding on paint colors and then preparing and painting the walls is a major part of the design process. You will want to choose paint colors that go well with the theme or design scheme that you have decided on for your baby’s nursery. The best way to do this is to take a piece of the nursery bedding to the paint store with you to pick out paint samples.
    Article Related to: baby, room, nursery, walls, painting, decorating, decor, planning

  • 5). The Many Faces Of Face Painting  By : John Mclain
    Face painting is one of the cherished activities of festivals, carnivals, parades and events across the country. More and more holidays are beginning to use face painting as a great activity for kids. Schools can also incorporate it as a station on their annual field day. Halloween may boast the most face painting out of any holiday, but summer fairs and county festivals run close behind.
    Article Related to: painting, paintings, art, artist, hobby, recreation, entertainment, face painting

  • 16). The Beauty of an Abstract Painting  By : Jay Moncliff
    Have you ever been to an art museum and looked at an abstract painting? Did you find yourself asking what was this artist thinking when he created this abstract painting? What on earth is an abstract painting? Maybe you are just wondering where the art of abstract painting came from. If you find yourself asking these questions then perhaps it is time you learn about the beauty of an abstract paining.
    Article Related to: painting, oil painting, body painting, landscape painting, face painting

  • 21). Is it Art - Instant drawing and the digital darkroom  By : Henry Bateman
    Henri Cartier-Bresson is reported to have said after he had given up photography. “All I care about these days is painting—photography has never been more than a way into painting, a sort of instant drawing.” No one disagrees that painting is art, albeit the quality may vary but it is always considered art. Why isn’t this the case with photography? It is agreed that there is an art to photography but this means it is a craft but photography of the highest order is referred to as “photographic art”.
    Article Related to: photography, art, painting, attitude, aesthetic, opinion, experience

  • 22). How to Create a Beautiful Landscape Painting  By : Jay Moncliff
    One of the most popular forms of art is that of a landscape painting. A landscape painting captures the feel and the beauty of a certain special place. A good landscape painting will make the viewer feel that they are right there in the painting. They feel as though they can breathe the very air of the painting and reach out and touch the landscape as if it were real. But to make an audience feel this way when they view your landscape painting, you are going to need a bit of practice.
    Article Related to: painting, oil painting, body painting, landscape painting, face painting

  • 23). Revitalize your Interior Walls  By : smgenie
    Most people would like to revitalize their interior walls with some colorful paint, but are too afraid to make the leap from off-white or beige. The homeowner is afraid that a daring color choice may not match their furniture, will be too bright, and have a host of other reasons. Painting your walls is a basic element of design and can enhance any room for only $50.
    Article Related to: painting, interior design, interior painting, designer paint


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