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  • 13). Getting The Most Out Of New Sales Leads  By : Freelance Writer
    Employing Effective Sales Techniques When selling anything, there are 5 basic stages of action that a salesperson must induce from a potential customer to make that sale. After youíve obtained your lead, be sure to follow these guidelines. They are: * Attention: You must get the potential customer focused on your product through prospecting or advertising.
    Article Related to: getting, the, most, out, of, new, sales, leads

  • 19). Car Insurance. Surf The Net For A Better Deal  By : Michael Challiner
    Is it coming round to the time to renew your car insurance? Do you, like 23% of car owners, just accept the quote and stay with your insurer? Does it matter that the premium is 5 or 10 per cent more expensive than last years? Maybe itís just not worth the hassle of all those phone calls to goodness knows where, thumbing through the yellow pages or wearing out your shoe-leather down town.
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  • 20). Make Your Own Menu  By : Ken_B
    Cooking shouldn't have to be a chore. To many, cooking is a job, career and even a way of life. To some it is an art and to you it should be fun. Making a habit of eating out raises many issues. What ingredients do they use? Are the ingredients fresh? Do they use hydrogenated fats? How big are their portions? While eating out may seem easy today, tomorrow you may wake up feeling differently (literally and metaphorically).
    Article Related to: nutrition, healthy, food, eat, out, restaraunt, trans, fat, high, fructose, corn, syrup, cooking, diet


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