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Olympics Top Related Articles

  • 8). The Olympic Games – The History Of The Olympic Games  By : Lucy Bartlett
    Olympics or The Olympic Games is a multi-sports event which takes place once in four years and comprises of winter and summer games. It is an international event and almost all the countries in the globe participate in the games. The first Olympic game was held in the year 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. The games were held in Greece till 393 AD. Subsequently in 1896, Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, a French nobleman revived the games which heralded the beginning of the Modern Olympic Games.
    Article Related to: olympics, the olympic games, torino, special olympics, 2006 olympics

  • 16). USA Cycling Announces Team for World Championships  By : Aurel Radulescu
    On March, 2006, USA Cycling announced the team that will represent America in the 2006 Union Cycliste Internationale Track Cycling World Championships. This event will be held from April 13 through April 16 and will be hosted in Bordeaux, France. The team will be featured in 14 start positions for the 2006 World Championships, which was determined by performances from the 2005-2006 season World Cup events.
    Article Related to: cycling, sport, sports, us, usa, news, olympic, olympics

  • 18). Armchair Olympian  By : Clayton Shold
    I am not a die-hard sports enthusiast, but confess I enjoyed watching the winter Olympics held in Turino Italy. It was nice to watch something positive and motivational for a change and to delight in some truly amazing and generous acts. I find the wide variety of sports showcased fascinating, proving there is a lot one can do in cold climates of winter! Consider the spectrum of sports.
    Article Related to: olympics, motivation, pride, sports, team

  • 22). Overview of Greece for Travelers  By : Richard Monk
    From the Olympics to My Fat Greek Wedding, Greece has always been a cultural centerpiece in the history of man. Summing up its contribution requires a small library, but here is an overview. Overview of Greece for Travelers Greece was home to some of the earliest advanced civilizations. From the Minoans of the second BC millennium to Mycenaeans who established the basis of the current language, the country has produced cultural, philosophical, political and sport advancements unrivaled by others.
    Article Related to: greece, athens, greeks, europe, greek islands, olympics, hellenic republic, minoans


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