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Newbies Top Related Articles

  • 2). Choosing A Domain Name Effectively  By : Kimberly Gordon
    =============================== Choosing a Domain Name =============================== In this article you will learn how to choose an effective and memorable domain name and learn how you can actually increase traffic by using an old, expired domain name. Times wasting so lets get startedÖ **************************************** In the physical world, you can distinguish a business because of its structure, window displays, or signs.
    Article Related to: domain, web name, marketing, newbies, expired domains, choosing a domain name

  • 4). Newbies Guide To Online Marketing Jargon  By : Douglas Titchmarsh
    In all forms of business, and even hobbies, the people who have been involved in a particular activity will start to use jargon. When someone new comes along this jargon can be very offputting, making them feel like an outsider, and may result in somebody being put off completely. When your business depends on people as customers, then you need to be careful you don't leave them outside with jargon.
    Article Related to: online marketing, jargon, newbies, guide

  • 11). Cultivating New Customers  By : Kimberly Gordon
    ********************************************************* Cultivating New Customers ********************************************************* In this article we will discuss how to think out of the WebÖout of the World Wide Web, in the never- ending quest for new customers. Text links, banners and search engines are all ways to attract clients and build a customer base.
    Article Related to: customers, web, newbies, business, market, benefits

  • 15). Golf Basics For Newbies  By : Edwin Shackleford
    If you have decided to take up golf as a hobby you will be rewarded with the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and the addition of many new friends and acquaintances. Like any project you approach in life your attitude and expectations will determine your enjoyment of the game. Take stock of your personal traits. Are you overly competitive? If you are, remember the road to a low handicap is littered with bad shots, bunkers, water hazards and triple digit scores on your round.
    Article Related to: golf, basics, newbies, tips

  • 16). Newbies, Are You Doing It All Wrong?  By : Art Luff
    Most new affiliate marketers make the mistake of sending their traffic directly to their affiliate link. If you're doing this, you're really depriving yourself of the income you've worked so hard to create. If you expect to make a decent income marketing other peoples products you're going to need a "Squeeze Page." What's a "Squeeze Page," you ask? It's a page which gives a brief description of the service that you're marketing.
    Article Related to: newbies, affiliate marketers, squeeze pages, marketing, blogs


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