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Network+ Top Related Articles

  • 9). 10 Benefits Of Bluetooth  By : David Hill
    Are you ready to find the solutions you have been searching for? Here, listed,, are 10 advantages and reasons to use Bluetooth technology. 1. wireless. As you are probably already aware, there are many benefits and bonuses to using wireless devices. Along with improving safety as a consequence of eliminating wires once a necessity, wireless also offers you plenty of alternate advantages.
    Article Related to: bluetooth, cell, cell phone, mobile, handset, wireless, devices, connectivity, network, pan

  • 11). Ethernet - explained  By : john
    Do you use Ethernet? You might think that you don’t, but don’t be so sure. Ethernet is everywhere – if you use a networked computer, whether it’s at home or in your office, you’re using Ethernet. Ethernet is two things: a kind of cable for connecting computers together, and the method of communication that the computers use over the cables. Essentially, it is the glue that holds LANs (local area networks) together.
    Article Related to: ethernet, network, internet


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