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Mortgage Top Related Articles

  • 1). CeMAP Mock Exam Papers  By : Joe Kocsis
    Are you looking for CeMAP mock exam papers? If you are interested in becoming a mortgage advisor but finding it hard to pass the cemap exams, we can help! Mostly, five-day cemap training courses in London are based on groups of around 10 people for ease of control and ability to interact with the tutor. The courses are extremely focused, intensive and prepare delegates for the CeMAP 1,2,3 exams.
    Article Related to: cemap, ce map, ce-map, mock, exams, exam, papers, mortgage, adviser, advisor, training, courses, help

  • 5). Mortgage Refinancing Below 500 FICO  By : Tristan Hunt
    If you have been turned down for a mortgage refinance, especially a cash out or debt consolidation refinance, because your lender says your credit score is under 500, there are a variety of new options and strategies available which can help you get the cash you need now to pay off your credit card debts, collection accounts, and other derogatory or poor credit accounts and improve your FICO credit score to the point where you can qualify for a low interest, fixed rate loan.
    Article Related to: refinance, mortgage, 500, fico, under, below, bad, credit, score, poor, debt, consolidation, hard, money, private

  • 7). What are hybrid loans?  By : dave4
    Over the last several years consumers have started to request alternative financing to a traditional mortgage from lending companies. The mortgage lenders response to this overwhelming demand was the creation of hybrid loans. What exactly are hybrid loans you may be asking yourself? Hybrid loans include some of the following. Piggy back loans are hybrid loans that allow consumers the opportunity to purchase a home with a smaller down payment and possible avoid having to have private mortgage insurance.
    Article Related to: hybrid loans, mortgage, mortgage company, loans

  • 17). Mortgage Cycling Secrets Revealed  By : Steve Gillman
    Have you heard about mortgage cycling? Maybe you've seen the ads for books on this "secret technique" for paying off your mortgage sooner. Is there some useful information in them? Yes, especially if you are not familiar with the basic premise that you can pay extra principle every year and you'll pay off the loan sooner and save thousands on interest.
    Article Related to: mortgage cycling, mortgage, equity, real estate

  • 21). How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse  By : Raynor
    Buying a home is euphoric and scary. On one hand, you are moving into a property you own. On the other, you are committing to the repayment of a lot of money. How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse Buying a property can throw your emotions all over the place. First, you are ecstatic when the seller agrees to your offer. Soon thereafter, you start worrying about the price, potential problems and the commitment you have made to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 10, 15 or 30 years.
    Article Related to: buy home, buy property, buying, buyer, remorse, mortgage, payments, price

  • 24). Mortgage Terms and Definitions  By : Dan Lewis
    The mortgage process can be a little confusing if you aren't familiar with the terms used in the process. To help you out, here is a list of terms with corresponding mortgage definitions. Broker: An independent mortgage professional that oversees the entire home loan process. Lender: The business entity providing and funding the home loan. Processor: Prepares your loan for underwriting.
    Article Related to: mortgage, mortgage terms, mortgage definitions, fico scores


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