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Mortage Top Related Articles

  • 12). Mortgage Shopping Tips  By : Chuck Aikens
    When shopping for a mortgage loan, every lender will have different rates, fees and points for each loan program. When shopping for a mortgage loan, it is important to understand the three components of a Rate and Fee Quote: (1) Premium Rates (2) Lender Fees and (3) Discount Points. A Premium Rate offer is any interest rate above the market rate (referred to as the “Par Rate”).
    Article Related to: mortage, shopping, interest rates, discount points, par, refinance, buy down

  • 22). Re-mortgaging – Guide To The Best Deals  By : Joseph Kenny
    When interest rates fall, there are savings to be made. This is true for everyone, not just people currently looking for a new home or mortgage. This means that even if you have already bought your home or already committed to a mortgage, you can take real advantage of lower interest rates. For many people this will not be necessary, as they will have a variable rate mortgage that goes down as interest rates fall and so you get to take advantage of lower interest rates as they come.
    Article Related to: mortgage, equity, home, loans, secured, mortage, personal, interest, apr


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