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Mma Top Related Articles

  • 3). Mixed Martial Arts-Learn The Terms  By : Shawn Sellen
    With the rules and sanctioning of certain mma events there has been an explosion of new followers of mma (mixed martial arts) The purpose of this article is to help familiarize the new fans of this sport with some of the terms that are used. If you have a basic understanding with some of the terminology you will find viewing the sport more enjoyable.
    Article Related to: mma, mixed martial arts, ufc, martial arts

  • 4). Bob Sapp  By : Peter Vermeeren
    Bob Sapp, an athlete born September 22, 1972 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an accomplished kick boxer and martial arts fighter. He is known as "The Beast" and is most famous in Japan and Korea where he has appeared in television commercials and has even released a music CD called "Its Sapp Time". People almost always ask Bob Sapp if he is related to the Oakland Raiders defensive tackle, Warren Sapp, but he is not related in any way.
    Article Related to: bob sapp, k1, mma, martial arts, mixed martial arts, budo, fighting

  • 6). Mma-101  By : Shawn Sellen
    What is mma? Mma stands for mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is the blending of two or more fighting systems. The most common styles combined are striking and ground techniques. In the early days of mma competitions in the U.S., The ground fighters had an advantage because most of the stand up fighters were not prepared if the fight went to the ground.
    Article Related to: mma, mixed martial arts, reality fighting, ufc

  • 8). The Three Horsemen  By : Norm Bettencourt
    Self doubt, indecision, & fear the three horsemen that destroy your chances for success. If you have one of these feelings the other two are nearby. If you have doubt in your abilities as a fighter or are incisive on how you are going to fight your opponent, fear will automatically kick in & take over. Your chances of being victorious before even entering the ring will be knocked out.
    Article Related to: martial arts, martial arts coaching, martial arts tips, mma, nhb

  • 19). No One Achieves Greatness Alone  By : Norm Bettencourt
    Take a look at all of your fighting idols each one of them has a team of trainers, role models and idols that they respect, look up to on there team pushing them to be there very best. We are a direct reflection of our idols, peer group or team. If your fight team is filled with unfocused, unsupportive people with negative attitudes that do not give you the discipline or support you need, you will unconsciously take on the same attitude and get no where in your fighting career.
    Article Related to: martial arts, martial arts coaching, mma, nhb, martial arts tips

  • 23). Mma Videos : The New Craze  By : Konrad Braun
    UFC and MMA are exciting acronyms for Ultimate Fighting Championship and Mixed martial Arts. UFC is a part of MMA. Currently the UFC is recognized as the largest MMA promotion around the entire world.
    Article Related to: mma, ufc


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