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Mindset Top Related Articles

  • 3). Attaining the Right Mindset  By : Terence Young
    Much of the time, we ponder over the tools that can provide us an edge in turning our dreams to reality. The tools that we would think about can be your competence to handle difficult situations, honesty or sincere efforts.
    Article Related to: mindset

  • 13). The Importance Of A Personal Development Strategy  By : Koz Huseyin
    It is easy to get into personal development and forget about the importance of having a personal development strategy to go by. This can result in you either controlling a powerful ship or drifting with a powerful ship. Now a personal development strategy becomes important, and as you read, you discover more about creating a strategy.
    Article Related to: personal development, mindset

  • 21). Developing the “Both and” Mindset  By : Kevin
    Clients often share a situation or challenge with me and as their consultant they ask me to advise them on a course of action. Often during the conversation, the Client will identify two distinctly different courses of action - that may at first seem to be in opposition. The question is basically formatted as an “either or” question – “Should I do A or B?” Often, my answer is “yes.
    Article Related to: leadership, success, balance, mindset, focus


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