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Microsoft Top Related Articles

  • 2). ASP vs. PHP  By : Halstatt Pires
    When building web sites, ASP and PHP are very popular languages. Here’s my opinion on whether ASP or PHP is best ASP v. PHP Both ASP and PHP are languages used to build Dynamic Web sites that can interact with Databases and exchange information. ASP (Active Server Pages) is from Microsoft and is used with IIS (Internet Information Server) that runs on Microsoft Servers.
    Article Related to: asp, php, mysql, windows server, building a web site, c++, visual basic, microsoft, ms-sql

  • 5). Better Typography and More Readable Text in PowerPoint  By : Kevin Potts
    PowerPoint is, fundamentally, a tool for communication, and the heart of that communication is written words. As many charts, videos and illustrations a presentation might have, without text these add up to little more than a collection of disjointed elements pasted between slide transitions. Words remain the glue that ties information together. Because of this, good typography is as important -- if not more so -- than any visual element in a presenter's PowerPoint file.
    Article Related to: powerpoint, typography, design, custom, microsoft, template, text, type

  • 11). So, You Want To Work In The IT Industry?  By : Robb
    So, you want to work in the IT industry? Great, good choice, salaries can become very high as you work your way up through the ranks. When you have 5 or more years in the industry you will be much sought after for your sage-like knowledge and razor-sharp skills. But, right now you need to concentrate on some of the crucial questions about which sector of the IT industry to target, what type of training to undertake, and what else you could be doing to make yourself a desirable package to a potential employer.
    Article Related to: work, job, it, industry, recruitment, microsoft, linux, salary.salaries

  • 18). Microsoft Excel  By : Michael Colucci
    Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program that was developed by Microsoft. It is designed for computers that use the Windows operating system, and it can also be used on computers that use Mac OS as well. It has an easy to use interface with a number of tools that can make creating a spreadsheet fast and simple. This combined with a powerful marketing campaign has made Excel one of the most popular software programs in the world.
    Article Related to: excel, microsoft, microsoft excel

  • 24). Yahoo Search Marketing For Advertisers  By : Danny Wirken
    For an advertiser, penetrating more media with their advertising message is the best way of disseminating that message to as many people as possible. Of course, the problem with traditional advertising media, like broadcast and print is that although you can identify the demographic that you want to target, you are still not so sure that it will be reaching that demographic at the right time.
    Article Related to: windows, windows vista, microsoft, business, internet


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