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  • 3). FOREX Investing Compared to Other Investment Opportunities  By : Cindy Brooks
    With over $1.5 trillion changing hands daily, it might be advantageous for you to investigate the extremely lucrative business opportunity involving currency trading. Once the domain of major banks and corporations, this field is now an open playground for the ordinary individual. The following information gives you a comparison of different investment opportunities in comparison to Forex trading Forex could be the perfect opportunity for you if you are willing to have an open mind and investigate.
    Article Related to: forex, fx, trading, investing, home, techniques, method, mentor

  • 16). How a Mentor can help your Business  By : J Dubo
    Copyright 2006 A dictionary suggests that a mentor is: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher, ( c2006). In business terms the description 'wise' translates into someone who is experienced in running a successful business operation, and who is adept at passing on that knowledge. With over 65% of businesses failing in their first year of trading, the suggestion would be that new business entrepreneurs should seek all the assistance the can get! Selecting a Mentor.
    Article Related to: business, successful, mentor

  • 25). How a Regular Human Can Find Their Niche  By : Kelly Archibald
    The big buzz-phrase at the beginning of 2006 is ‘Niche Marketing’. If you find your niche and market it like crazy, the gurus cry, you can be a zillionaire by March. Great. So where is this niche, and how will you recognize it when you stumble into it? Many expensive courses are offered teaching Internet Marketing, and most have some important links missing.
    Article Related to: internet, marketing, mentor, niche, ideas, passion


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