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Marketing Strategy Top Related Articles

  • 13). Do You Get Attention With Your 30-Second Introduction?  By : Kevin P. Dervin
    I went to a networking event the other day where the meeting leader said, "We’re going to skip doing the 30-second introductions today because mine’s so bad and it doesn’t work that it nauseates me." I thought to myself, WOW! I’d skip the next networking meeting until I’d worked out a new introduction. Do you get attention with your introduction? Are you prepared to introduce yourself at your next networking event or for when someone ask, "What do you do?" Consider these tips for developing an attention getting introduction.
    Article Related to: small business marketing, marketing tips, marketing ideas, marketing strategy

  • 18). 7 Ways To Be Unreasonable  By : Paul Lemberg
    First decide what you really want to do. What would make work worth working at and life worth living. Then figure out how to do it. Most people look to what they know they CAN do as a guide to what they WILL do; I think to get anything important done in the world, you have to look towards what you WANT to do, and then figure out how to do it. When most people think about what they are committed to, they consider where they can build a bridge to from where they already are.
    Article Related to: business strategy, business coaching, marketing strategy, business, growth, development, entrepreneur


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