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  • 13). Make Extra Money - Six Unusual Ways  By : Steve Gillman
    I was young and wanted some way to make extra money - something other than another fast food job. A friend of the family owned a small insurance agency. The owner decided to get into the business of process serving, and I applied for the job. Tracking people down and handing them their court subpoenas sounded like fun. It was more interesting than most of the jobs I have had.
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  • 15). Stealing Cars And Other Ways To Make Extra Money  By : Steve Gillman
    I was looking for ways to make extra money, but didn't want the usual jobs. Being just twenty one at the time, I was willing to try almost anything. So when my brother's towing business got a contract to repossess cars, I was ready to be a "repo man." Soon I was prowling in the night with my brother, looking for and legally "stealing" cars. He could only pay for each car we took, so we had a lot of motivation to find them and get them.
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  • 20). Make Extra Money – Desire Or Ashamed  By : Izrul Fizal
    Everybody is chasing to make extra money nowadays. It seems that their current job does not pay them as much as they want. All those monthly bills like electricity, water, food, education, house rent, car loan and many more have force everyone to make extra money for themselves. Illegally, most people make extra money just to survive. Some might steal a bread to feed themselves or their love one.
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