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  • 9). NFL Training Camp - Is It Too Long?  By : Jay Nault
    The demands on NFL teams have grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. It wasn’t too long ago that many NFL players, even starters, felt the need to get or hold a “regular” job during the offseason, and used the time spent in training camp to get into playing shape for the regular season. It also used to be that teams played up to six preseason games as opposed to the current four or maybe five exhibitions.
    Article Related to: nfl, training, camp, is, it, too, long

  • 21). Protecting Cats From Cancer  By : blueboy
    Cancer does not just affect human beings, cats can also be prone to the ill affects of this deadly disease. I have a cat who is called Pip and in this article I will be writing about my families experience in protecting her from cancer, which the vet has informed us, has ultimately saved and prolonged her life. Pip is a beautiful and loving cat and is very much part of our family.
    Article Related to: cats, cat, cancer, ears, sun, summer, life, family, child, happy, long, white, colour, disease

  • 22). Long-term care insurance  By : Joseph Kenny
    Are you prepared for retirement and old age? While it may still be a long way off and there are usually a lot more urgent things to take care of, dealing with some of the requirements of old age, either for yourself or for someone you care about, a huge difference can be made by a few simple steps. While saving for a pension and having good medical insurance are two of the most common steps, there is also the scope for long term care insurance, which may also be of great potential use in certain situations.
    Article Related to: insurance, life, quality, care, medical, bill, long, term, health, private

  • 24). Mortgages – A Long Term Debt  By : Joseph Kenny
    The average price of a house in the UK is now well over £100,000, and not many people would be able to find such a huge sum hidden under the mattress. This means that the majority of us have to borrow to buy our home, and usually this means taking out a mortgage. Don’t Want To Be In Debt? Debt is now a fact of life for all but the most fortunate of us – whether that means a small overdraft or a large mortgage.
    Article Related to: loans, mortgages, home, debt, credit, finance, interest, bank, long, term, house, morgages, mortages


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