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Loans Top Related Articles

  • 2). Adverse Credit - How Much Can You Borrow?  By : Joseph Kenny
    Just because people have bad credit, that doesn't mean they can't borrow any money. Adverse credit means that people have a poor credit rating, perhaps because of: · defaults on loans or credit · arrears on loans of credit · County Court Judgements (CCJs) because of defaults or arrears · fraud · bankruptcy But even this doesn't mean that people are barred from getting credit.
    Article Related to: loans, bad, credit, adverse, poor, history, amount, secured, payday, check

  • 4). What are hybrid loans?  By : dave4
    Over the last several years consumers have started to request alternative financing to a traditional mortgage from lending companies. The mortgage lenders response to this overwhelming demand was the creation of hybrid loans. What exactly are hybrid loans you may be asking yourself? Hybrid loans include some of the following. Piggy back loans are hybrid loans that allow consumers the opportunity to purchase a home with a smaller down payment and possible avoid having to have private mortgage insurance.
    Article Related to: hybrid loans, mortgage, mortgage company, loans

  • 10). What the bank won't tell you about your home mortgage quote  By : Paul Lerner
    Shopping for a house is probably the most significant financial decision that you will make in your life. When you shop for your home by first attaining a home mortgage quote, your decision becomes even more momentous—you need to perform a balancing act between the house of your dreams and factors such as the down payment and interest rate payable. Your first stop in this process will probably be your bank.
    Article Related to: mortgage quote, loans, refinance, home loan


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