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Loan Top Related Articles

  • 9). Gap Insurance: A Financial Safety Belt  By : Peter Garant
    Why is gap insurance considered as a financial safety belt? Simply put, it keeps you from being financially ruined when disaster hits your car. For example you are in this situation, you bought a late-model car three months ago using a car loan with a regular car insurance. The car costs $30,000 and you have already made three payments of $900 each month.
    Article Related to: car loans, family finance, loan

  • 10). Advice About Setting Up Your Own Business  By : blueboy
    Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Have you an idea for a new business but are unsure about how to proceed? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, this article could be of benefit to you. I am going to write about how to plan and create a successful small business. Many people are looking at ways in which they can become self-employed as they have had enough of being dictated to and fed up of long and frustrating commutes to work.
    Article Related to: self-employed, discipline, loan, yellow pages, business, advert, money, exhibitions, costs, success

  • 15). The Rise Of Credit Mastercards.  By : Robert Michael
    Credit has become a pillar of the American economy. When people began to look for ways to increase convenience in transactions, credit cards became popular as an effective way to exchange money in a 'cashless' environment, making transactions faster and avoiding the problems associated with dealing in cash. The rise of credit merchants and the widespread use of credit for household transactions has made large financial groups such as MasterCard into catalysts for the daily flow of money between clients and businesses.
    Article Related to: mastercard, credit, finance, debit, cirrus, business, loan, debt, interest, bank, shopping

  • 21). First Time Buyers Beware  By : Joseph Kenny
    Although it’s a big undertaking, buying your own home is one of the wisest moves you can make. Rather than pouring money away on rent, you will effectively be investing in your property with every mortgage payment. You will also become a ‘homeowner’, which should please your bank manager no end. You may find offers of loans and credit suddenly become a lot more frequent, and when you’ve just moved into a new home it can seem tempting to borrow money to kit the place out.
    Article Related to: mortgages, first, time, buyers, home, house, loan, interest, cost, fee, charge, deal, secured

  • 23). Remortgages - Worth The Switch?  By : Joseph Kenny
    It’s becoming more popular to remortgage your house these days – all this means is switching to a different mortgage and sometimes a different lender to take advantage of a better deal. If your circumstances have changed since you first took out your mortgage, you may find you want to switch to a new mortgage that better suits you. Likewise, if you chose a mortgage with a special rate for the first few years, once it reverts you’re paying more than other mortgages.
    Article Related to: mortgages, remortgage, deal, second, offer, equity, spend, home, loan, improvemeny

  • 24). A Friend In Need  By : Denni Gill
    Here’s the scenario: Julie, a hardworking secretary, lent money to her good friend Ray; $1300 to be exact. Ray had just moved to a new town and claimed that he needed two new suits: one for an upcoming wedding and one to wear on job interviews. Ray lived in a beautiful penthouse. He had a degree in Computer Science and was accustomed to the finer things in life – designer labels, frequent travel, and spa week-ends.
    Article Related to: friend, loan, money, use, borrow, integrity, buy, love, sincerity, honesty, promises, loan, lend


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