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Living Top Related Articles

  • 5). How to Estimate Living Expenses  By : Warren Wong
    Whenever you plan a move to a new area or a new home, you have to have an idea of what your average living expenses will be. Even if you stay in the same city and buy a new home, you may have a higher cost of living because of the added costs of paying insurance, transportation costs for you to get to work each day and if you have a larger area to heat, you will have increased energy costs.
    Article Related to: average, living, expenses, estimates, cost

  • 6). Break-Ups And Doubts  By : CD Mohatta
    Shall I break-up? Am I right? Or my thinking is wrong somewhere? What if I hurt my partner with the break-up? What if I cannot live normally after break-up? Shall I recover from it? Should I break-up? I am having doubts about the reasons. I am doubtful about the consequences. I am confused. What shall I do? After life reaches a stage where living together becomes very painful, one begins thinking of break-up.
    Article Related to: life, living, relax, friend

  • 7). Relaxing The Mind  By : CD Mohatta
    What is relaxation? In common terminology, relaxation means that we leave ourselves free of tension. Relaxing mind may mean that the mind is not under stress or active. In today's lifestyle, this looks difficult. Isn't it? Now a days, most of us believe to be being under stress during most of the week and relax only on the weekends. This is considered the common way of life.
    Article Related to: relaxation, living, relax, stress, nature, flowers, holidays, time

  • 14). Emotions- Why Do We Have Them?  By : CD Mohatta
    We as human beings have a body and a mind. With the body, we move around and do work. With the mind, we think, and experience emotions. Imagine of a human being with no emotions whatsoever. Only a thinking machine who reacts to nothing emotional but makes scientific analysis. Imagine telling a joke to him/her. They will not laugh at it, but either ignore it or analyze the joke.
    Article Related to: emotions, emotional, love, self, psychology, live, life, living

  • 15). Your Living Room Starts With Your Sofa  By : Marge Snow
    Your living room is probably the most important room in your home. It's where you unwind, where you entertain your friends, and where you spend lazy days relaxing in front of your fireplace. The way you decorate your living room will really say a lot about you. Is it formal or relaxed. Do you have antique furniture or modern. When it comes time to redecorate your living room, the most important piece of furniture is your sofa.
    Article Related to: living, room, sofa, couch, redecorate

  • 16). Drafting a will  By : Mansi gupta
    As one progresses to the threshold of old age, worries and anxieties seem to grip more tightly. Not a second goes when the thought of one’s family especially children take a leave. The very thought of what will happen next clutches the person and this makes his present life a bundle of misery. However, there is a way out to all these tensions and to bathe in perfect bliss, to draft or make your Will.
    Article Related to: lawyer, living, will, assets, financial

  • 17). The Yogi Diet - an Introduction  By :
    ‘We are what we eat’ – this is a well known saying that is literally true. Food is necessary for our physical well being, and the purer the food - the purer and healthier the body. But this also works for the mind too – a diet of pure food creates purer thoughts resulting in a purer mind.
    Article Related to: yoga, diet, yogi, ayurveda, sattvic, raw, food, living, live

  • 23). Living Fossils  By : Greg Neyman
    No doubt you have heard the claims from young earth creationists about living fossils. A "living fossil" is an organism that is thought to have been extinct, and then it shows up alive on planet earth. The claim by young earth creationists is that these living fossils are proof that the earth is young. The reasoning is that since all organisms were alive only 4,300 years ago, before the time that they date the Flood of Noah, then it is reasonable to assume that they are still alive today.
    Article Related to: creation science, living, fossil, young, earth

  • 25). Love - Balance Emotions And Intelligence  By : CD Mohatta
    Love is euphoric. Love is enchanting. Love is heavenly. Love is captivating. And Love is something no one can describe. Love has to be felt, it cannot be explained. One cannot fall in love by planning; one just falls in love without realizing. That is love. And love also takes intelligence away like nothing can. In love, the most intelligent person may act foolishly, because love overwhelms.
    Article Related to: love, thoughts, living, friends, dating, romantic, family


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